Pregnancy + Facials

The most common questions about pregnancy facials I hear are:

Are facials safe to get when I am pregnant? Do pregnant women need facials? Can I lay down on my back during the facial?

Let me start with the safety. Most facials are safe to receive while pregnant. You definitely want to let your esthetician or dermatologist know about your pregnancy, so they will make safe and natural choices for products and beauty equipment for your treatment. For example, our facials at Diana Ralys Skin Health center are all non invasive, we don’t use toxic ingredients, but we would still exclude some products and stay away from some equipment, like Microcurrent, Ultrasonic spatula, High Frequency. Now that we covered safety, let’s talk about benefits. Pregnancy hormones can be positively or negatively affecting the skin. Sometimes skin clears up, sometimes is gets angry with breakouts and pregnancy mask (hyper pigmentation). And sometimes pregnant ladies just need to get away from the noise and relax. In all these cases facials are extremely beneficial. Laying down flat on your back for an hour is not comfortable or recommended (especially towards the end of the pregnancy…). Preferably your facial place have a reclining bed and can bring you in the more sitting position and elevate the legs a little bit.

Now that you had your baby, how about that facial?! I would still recommend keeping it safe with ingredients and machines while breastfeeding. I am a mom of 3 children, I know how exciting it is to bring home that little bundle of joy, and how much less time you have to take care of yourself. And because of these sleepless nights, lack of time to keep up with your skin care routine at home, I encourage you to go for a facial, you will thank yourself later. Don’t have a baby sitter? Absolutely no problem, we welcome you to bring your newborn with you, we LOVE babies!!! And trust me, babies feel very comfortable in the dim room with soothing spa music. Today, my client Jacqueline Murphy even had her 7 weeks baby girl on her tummy, because little one woke up and felt lonely in the carriage. It was most likely, the sweetest facial I ever gave. The baby fell asleep and just smiled.

Safe facials for pregnant women & new mothers:

  • Organic Signature Facial 60 or 90 min [LED]
  • Manual Microdermabrasion
  • Deep Cleansing / Organic Acne Facial
  • Enzyme Facial
  • Express facial
  • Micro-Oxygen Infusion

Big thanks to our client Jurgita Warren for her beautiful picture.                                                                                                                  Picture by Grettel Cortes Photography