Glowing Skin for the Big Wedding Day

This is for brides, grooms, wedding party, bride and groom parents, and of course wedding guests.
Bride is definitely a center of attention at this big life event. Women who did take pretty good care of their skin and body and those who were not so happy with their looks, will take extra steps between engagement and the wedding to perfect it all. Groom. Who says that men don’t care how they will look on the wedding day? Most likely they would not admit, but trust me, they do care. Buy them a gift certificate to a spa, ask them to accompany you when you are going for your appointment and they will be thankful. Also, it will engrave in their brain that taking care of yourself, going to a spa is important to you, and more likely you will get these gift certificates as gifts in the future. Bride and groom parents want to look their best as well, talk about those family members that were not seen for years.
Okay, so let me help you to prepare for the wedding day. Hopefully you got few months, but even if you are reading this post few weeks before the big event, you can still improve your skin’s complexion for these memorable pictures. Detox. It is not as intimidating and scary as it sounds. It can be very relaxing and it is so beneficial.

Detox body soak:
• Fill the bath tub with warm (not hot) water,
• 1 cup of baking soda,
• 1 cup of Epsom salt and about 10 drops of lavender essential oil.
• Soak for 30 min, take a quick shower.
Perfect to do before the body scrub.
Body polish/scrub:
• You may do it yourself,
• Do it to each other,
• or go to spa that offers this service.
It flakes away aged and dried skin cells, opens skin pores for detoxification and leaves skin looking glowing and soft.
Salt sauna, jade sauna, steam room, Infrared sauna:
Sweat out the toxins is healthy and it definitely feels good. Even the body odor is not as strong for couple days after a good sauna sweat. It improves metabolism, cell rejuvenation, clears skin’s complexion, and may be very helpful with breakouts on the back.
Foot detox soak:
• warm water tub or bowl to fit both feet,
• Dandelion tea.
Dandelion is excellent for detox. Drinking dandelion tea or soaking the feet. We have about 7500 nerve ending in our feet. Our whole body is connected to the feet, that is why treating feet (soaking, doing reflexology) is so effective and beneficial.
3 day green juice fast.
• Accelerates metabolism,
• Flushes toxins,
• Sheds off pounds (in my experience I lose 1 pound a day),
• Clears acne,
• Makes skin glow.
Green juice is very alkaline and it helps to decrease or eliminate inflammation. Remember that acne, stomach pain, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, skin rash is caused by inflammation. You may choose to make your juice yourself or purchase it, but I definitely advocate adding this step to your pre-event preparation.
Facials. Once again, facials are not just for women. Everyone who has skin needs to take care of it. If you have few months until your wedding, book monthly facials to properly clean and exfoliate your skin. If you never had a facial book your last facial before the event at least a week or 2 before the big day. I would say stay away from drastic and harsh treatments, like chemical peels. Because you never know how your skin will react. The safest facials would be:
• Organic facial (monthly or by weekly),
• Ultimate Rejuvenation (monthly or by weekly),
• LED light and infrared are wonderful facials (twice a week or at least once before the event). It beautifies the skin, takes care of the dry spots, so make-up goes on very smooth.
• Microcurrent+LED+serums is a must have before a wedding. Even if you are not worried or concerned yet about the wrinkles, it firms and evens the skin, takes away few years, seriously (twice a week or at least once before the event).
Skin Care products:
• SPF . Make sure you have a good physical (with zinc oxide) sunscreen for the face and body. This is not the time you can afford to deal with sunburn.
• Enzyme Microfoliant. This is a nice exfoliant to be used once or twice a week, depending on your skin type. It sheds off aged skin cells, improves circulation and collagen production.
• Hyaluronic Acid serum is a must have for any skin type and condition. It hydrates the skin and traps moisture in the tissue.
• Peptide firming serum is for one who is concerned about skin’s firmness and wrinkles. It nicely plumps and firms the skin.
• Moisturizer. We highly recommend our Moist and Firm cream even for those who are not concerned yet about the aging. It is packed with anti-oxidants to eliminate free radical damage. Amino acid chain DPHP is about 60 % stronger antioxidant then Vitamin C.
We understand that Wedding is one of the most important events in your life. We congratulate you and will be more than happy to help you to look and feel your best!

Big thanks to our lovely client Kinsey Davis for her beautiful wedding picture.