Family Owned and Opperated

Radiance Wellness Spa is owned and operated by the Ralys family. Diana Ralys is the founder and owner. Kristina Vystartaite, Diana’s daughter is the Spa Director. Diana’s husband, Victor is the editor of all videos you see here on the website and YouTube. Diana’s other two children, Adomas and Andrius help in the family business as much as possible as well.

After working years in a corporate health spa, Diana decided to start her own practice. Radiance Wellness Spa was not the space it was at the beginning. Premium Skin Care by Diana was the first name she started with, working with private clients in a one room office in a medical building. In March 2016 Diana branched out and opened this beautiful location with multiple treatments rooms, sauna booths, full retail store, and rebranded as Radiance Wellness Spa. 

From the first step from the busy 4th st block on Downtown Santa Monica, the aroma and energy shift dramatically. Upon walking in you will smell an array of essential oils being diffused as well as burning sage and palo santo. Relaxing therapeutic music takes you into a trance and allows you to float to your treatment room.

Inside you will find four treatment rooms named after Diana’s favorite essential oil scents: Rose, Purple Sage, Lemongrass, and Citrus, where you can be treated for organic facials, Reiki, LED Therapy for the body and Meditations. You will also find three infrared sauna booths for total body detoxification and relaxation.

Whole Body Wellness

Whole body wellness is so important. Here at Radiance, we look at your skin health “whole-isticlly”. It is very often that people want to see skin being just perfect; no visible pores, no hair, no wrinkles and no discoloration. It can also be treated that way by professionals. Without thinking and analyzing what are the causes of certain skin imperfections, medication is prescribed, harsh chemicals are applied to deeply peel the skin, powerful lasers used to burn the skin layers.

Now, what is the role of the skin? Skin is a complex organ and is responsible for following functions: Temperature regulation, Protection, Waste removal, Environmental monitor, Production of vitamin D.

Once we start to understand the important functions of the skin and see the big picture, we begin to appreciate how complicated it is and how body’s health, emotional state, age, daily diet, environment, medication and lifestyle have an impact on how the skin looks!

Skin is the largest organ of the body. It is part of the body. Everything is connected, and we should not look at skin as a separate organ.

The food we eat. The emotions we feel. The lifestyle we live. The environment we live in. The topical products we use. The whole body health or medication one takes. All of it will contribute to the health and appearance of the skin.

Green Certified Spa

Radiance Wellness Spa is the ONLY Green Business Certified spa in Santa Monica. We take great pride in being as eco-friendly as possible. From the basics like energy saving light bulbs and recycled paper to the more intricate items related to our spa business.

All linens and towels used in the spa are either microfiber or bamboo thread. Microfiber has shown to cut laundry time in half, does not grow bacteria [making it easier to keep these towels longer than others], they are super absorbent which leads to them taking in less water etc. In our bathrooms you will find hand towels instead of paper towels, allowing us to wash and reuse! Drinking water is served in glass. We do not print receipts, email is how we communicate with our clients.

Recycling Program with Diana Ralys Skin Health products! Bring in your empties (new blue label bottles only) and recycle them at Radiance Wellness Spa and get 5% off your purchase that day!

Water quality

The water we at the spa to serve our clients to drink is also the same water we use in our facial treatments. Tap water, especially in LA, is highly contaminated with fluoride chlorine and any other chemicals.

The elite water purification system at Radiance is equipped with LG technology and a nine-stage purification process. This innovative technology not only eliminates contaminates through a state of the art reverse osmosis or ultra-fine purification process and also adds nutrients including electrolytes to enhance proper hydration. This revolutionary process sanitizes every drop of water, balances PH levels by adding alkalinity, provides a nutrient boost, and even provides an added immunity detoxification to insure proper health.