Tis the season… season of fun in the sun! Available April-October

Sunkissed Recovery Facial 45 min $130 ($156 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Sun is associated with vacation, relaxation, and fun. Everybody knows nowadays that sun protection is necessary to protect skin from overexposure and burning. However, it happens almost to everyone, that we either stay too long at the beach, forget to reapply the SPF or rub our skin with a towel, which removes the sunscreen. 

Radiance Wellness Spa being four blocks from Santa Monica beach, we are true professionals when it comes to Sun Recovery Facial treatments. Our skin care products used in this Facial besides being holistic and safe for everyone, are also deeply rejuvenating. 

This Facial starts with gentle cleansing followed by our proprietary compresses done with lush soft microfiber towels. The last thing you would want would be scratchy materials rubbing your skin. Step after step your skin gets soothed and nourished. Our famous Specialty Blend Oil is massaged into the skin and left under the mask to deeply penetrate into the skin. The facial mask is no ordinary mask, it is Oxygenating Adaptogen Mask with superfoods. Once again, for maximum benefits LED Light is applied over the mask, to activate, circulate and help set the mask. 

Next, the superior rejuvenating skin care products are applied: 

1. Cell Regenerating Gel or Hydra Nourishing Gel. The base of these products is the highest quality Aloe Vera Gel, which help to hydrate skin at the deepest layer the skin care products can penetrate;

2. Oxygen Plasma is sprayed onto the skin to bring life back into the tissue;

3. Ultimate Regenerating Serum, which contains: Hyaluronic hydration, Stem Cells, Peptides, Vitamin C serum, Oxygen Plasma, Argan Oil, Prickly Pear Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, DPHP (amino acids for moisture);

4. Pure Oxygen Infusion to help calm and rejuvenate the skin.

Your skin will be relieved, soothed, hydrated, moisturized and oxygenated. Proper skin care routine to continue the healing process will be recommended. BOOK NOW

What is the difference between a facial and a treatment?

Facials are relaxing and rejuvenating. It includes steps like, cleansing, exfoliation, masks, massage and depending on the facial, it might include some aesthetic equipment.

Treatments are where we introduce high-end non-invasive, but very effective machine work and  get down into what concerns your skin needs addressing. Some treatments do not have extractions, massage or other "feel good" steps, they are more focused on getting you results! Reduce fine lines and wrinkles, tackle those pesky breakouts, retexture and brighten your skin and more...


Organic Signature 60 min $130

"Essential in maintaining healthy skin. Includes cleanse, extractions, facial massage, 2 masks and arm massage. Products are custom to benefit any skin type or age." ($156 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Organic Signature + LED Therapy 90 min $195 

"Maintain healthy skin and boost cell regeneration. Includes cleanse, extractions, facial massage, 2 masks/arm massage, and LED/Infrared Light Therapy. Products are custom to benefit any skin type or age." ($234 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Organic Acne / Deep Cleansing 80 min $165 

"For congested skin in need of extra cleaning/ extra extractions or active acne, black heads and/or oily skin. Leave with cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated, oxygenated, revitalized, and radiant skin." ($198 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Basic Organic 45 min $110 

"Classic custom facial. It can be soothing and relaxing for sensitive skin or cleansing, revitalizing and rejuvenating for dry and dull skin." ($132 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Multi-Fruit Enzyme Facial 60 min $165

"Reveal new healthy glowing skin by dissolving aged, dry skin layers. Promotes cell rejuvenation and brightens the skin." ($198 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Pure Oxygen Infusion 60 min $165 

"Ideal for tired, traveled, dull skin. Gentle enough for rosacea yet active enough acne prone skin. Promotes hydration and nourishment." ($198 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Gentleman's Facial 60 min $130

"Cleansing rejuvenating and hydrating to the skin. Includes extractions (if needed), exfoliation, facial massage and 2 masks." ($156 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Express Facial 30 min $65

"Great option for "Pick-me-up" or in between full facials. We will only have time for select options it might be an unexpected pimple or extra hydration (cleanse and a few extractions, exfoliation and mask, or massage). Not suited for first-time clients. " ($78 with Diana) BOOK NOW


Oxygenated MicroDermabrasion 90 min $195

"Deep exfoliation with microdermabrasion crystals and rejuvenating with Oxygen Infusion. Suited for combination, dull and/or oily skin." ($234 with Diana) BOOK NOW

LED + Oxygen Plasma + High performance Serums 45 min $100

"Simple yet mighty. We cleanse your skin and go straight into applying a custom for your skin needs serum concoction + Oxygen Plasma and turn on the magic of LED Therapy. This treatment is not suited for first-time clients or someone who has not had a facial in over 2 weeks." ($120 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Rejuvenate Facial Experience 2.5 hr $345

"This treatment is a true workout for the face! It includes cleansing, crystal microdermabrasion, extractions, facial massage, arm massage, microcurrent, oxygen infusion, 2 masks and LED Therapy. It is recommended for everyone who wants to see their skin brighter, firmer and healthier. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($414 with Diana) BOOK NOW

MicroCurrent Maintenance 60 min $145

"It is a microcurrent tissue stimulation to naturally firm and lift the face and neck muscles. For preventative purpose it is recommended once a month, or up to 3 times a week to Turn-back-the-time. This treatment is not recommended as a stand alone treatment for first-time clients or someone who has not gotten a facial in over 2 weeks. Combine this treatment with: Signature, Pure Oxygen Infusion, Signature + LED Light Treatment, Basic or Express facials or contact us for recommendation." ($174 with Diana) BOOK NOW

MicroCurrent + LED + High performance serums 80 min $195

"All the amazing benefits of maintenance microcurrent plus the added benefit of LED Therapy + Oxygen Plasma + custom serum application. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($234 with Diana) BOOK NOW

All Age Management Facial + MicroCurrent 2hr $275

"This is the ideal place to start if you're looking for younger vibrant looking skin. We address all the steps of our Signature 60 min Facial with the full workout of MicroCurrent. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($330 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Radiant Skin (Brightening) Facial 90min $275

"Reveal your beautiful glowing skin. This treatment includes crystal microdermabrasion following with a powerful enzyme mask. Bright Lite Serum and Radiant Skin Oil are thoroughly massaged into the skin and left under the LED Therapy light to penetrate and work deep within the skin." ($330 with Diana) BOOK NOW


Bio-Stimulation 60 min $165

"Tissue stimulation massage using crystals, while following the map of facial reflex points. Recommended for those who love the results of MicroCurrent, but don't like the sensation, or physically cannot receive MicroCurrent due to pregnancy or heart condition. Can be added to any facial. Not recommended as a first time client treatment. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($198 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Bio-Stimulation + LED + High Performance Serums 80 min $215

"All the amazing benefits of Bio-Stimulation with Crystals plus the added benefit of LED Therapy + Oxygen Plasma + custom serum application. Can be added to any facial. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($258 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Bio-Stimulation + Signature Facial 2 hr $295

"All the amazing benefits of Bio-Stimulation with Crystals plus a full Signature Facial. Recommended as a monthly facial. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($354 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Apple AHA MicroDerm 60 min $195

"Crystal Microdermabrasion combined with Apple AHA acids and Saffron Jet Infusion will instantly refresh the skin. This treatment does include extractions, no facial massage. Recommended for anyone who would like to bring skin back to life."($234 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Diamondbrasion - Fruit Acid + Oxygen 90 min $220

"Deep exfoliation with a gently abrasive diamond tip and simultaneous flow of multi-fruit acid serum to hydrate, firm, exfoliate, brighten and cool the skin. It feels more gentle than crystal microdermabrasion, but delivers even more visible results! Recommended for all skin types." ($265 with Diana) BOOK NOW

HydroRenewal Treatment 60 min $245

"Vortex serum infusion to gently exfoliate the skin with active fruit acids. Jet infusion of Firming Peptides, Saffron Stem Cells, LED/Infrared therapy and pure Oxygen Infusion to rebuild healthy new cells. Suited for all skin types even sensitive. Extractions are included in this treatment. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($294 with Diana) BOOK NOW

HydroRenewal + MicroCurrent 2 hr $395

"Full steps of HydroRenewal Treatment and full steps of MicroCurrent Treatment. Recommended before special events and as a monthly facial. Excellent choice for before an important event!" ($474 with Diana) BOOK NOW

HydroRenewal Maintenance 30 min $145

"Condensed HydroRenewal Treatment, includes cleansing the skin and Vortex Serum Infusion. Extractions are not included in this treatment. Recommended in between full length facials or to be added to almost any other facial. Excellent choice for before an important event! Not recommend as a first time client facial." ($174 with Diana) BOOK NOW

Ultimate Glow Facial Experience 2.5 hr $545

"The ultimate facial experience at Radiance Wellness Spa. This treatment is 2.5 hours of bliss. Includes cleansing, exfoliation through HydroRenewal vortex or Diamond-Brasion Serum infusion, extractions, facial massage with custom oil, 2 mask applications, arm massage, MicroCurrent, Jet infusion of Saffron Stem Cells and Firming Peptides, Oxygen Infusion, and LED Therapy. Recommended before special events and as a monthly facial."($654 with Diana) BOOK NOW


BOOST / add to any treatment

Bio-Stimulation (Eye lift or smile line/double chin reduction) $55

MicroCurrent (Eye lift or smile line/double chin reduction or neck) $50

Pure Oxygen Infusion $40

MicroDermabrasion $70

LED Therapy + high performance serums $70

Diamondbrasion - Fruit Acid $95

Serum Jet Infusion + LED Therapy $70

Apple AHA Décolleté + LED Therapy $70

Hand Rejuvenation + LED Therapy $45

Multi-Fruit Enzyme Treatment $40

Skin Renewal Peel $35

*Boosts/ Add ons cannot be booked by themselves, only added to an existing full treatment.

Please note that there is premium pricing for Diana Ralys.

Set a time with Diana for a skin consultation. Get an in-depth skin analysis, product and treatment protocol, and advice. This can include nutrition guidance, stress management, and lifestyle changes. 30 min $65 BOOK