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Healthy glowing skin is everyone’s desire. It represents beauty and boosts confidence. What does it take and how to achieve it? Good genes? Special diet? Secret facial treatments? Magic skin care products? Diana Ralys, licensed esthetician, certified oncology esthetician, board certified drugless practitioner and health coach, creator of Diana Ralys Skin Health product line and wellness center, gives 9 steps how to get your healthy glowing skin, whole-istically. Over a decade of active esthetics practice, endless research and education, she is called The Skin Expert by thousands of her clients. In this book you will find the answers to frequently asked questions like, “why I still have acne in my forties? How to prevent wrinkles? Is chocolate really bad for my skin?” You will learn how to navigate through myriads of skin care products, their claims, promises and make choices like a pro. Some information will get you by surprise. Most likely, you never had a slightest idea how certain things impact your skin’s appearance. At the end it will all make sense. The reason for writing this book was to empower you with knowledge, so you can make your educated decisions. 
The secret to healthy skin is simple, but it requires your participation, including reading this book. You will be glad you did.

Internal Health is super important for healthy glowing skin! 

Diana Ralys Bestseller of Your Health is Your Beauty and her daughter Kristina Vystartaite share recipes of juices and super food smoothies and other healthy concoctions. The recipes that keep them healthy, happy and so energetic, that people around them wonder how it's possible. 
This is not your typical mother-daughter relationship. We work together at the Diana Ralys Skin Health Spa and have the same passion for whole-istic health. In this book you will find recipes that were created by both of us. As well, we will give you tips and tricks how to get the maximum nutrients into your daily diet. This is not a fad diet, or a quick fix. You are embarking on a journey for better health.Our suggestion is don’t ever deprive yourself and don’t try to make too many changes all at once. When you start out, it is much more inviting to add a glass of juice and a smoothie here and there, rather than to eliminate meals and try to be a superhero. Remember, the best plan is the one you actually do. This is where most diets fail. You drop your daily routine overnight and try something completely out of the ordinary. All of sudden, you find yourself feeling discouraged. 
Our mission is to get this information to as many people as we can. It would be selfish to keep it just to ourselves. Throughout our experience we have seen such a great boost in energy, clearer mind and so many other life changing benefits. Share this with your friends and family.
Your job is easy, just follow recipes in this book and enjoy the benefits! 
IMPORTANT! Side effects may include: never getting sick, weight loss, endless energy, addiction to superfoods, absence of headaches, creativity overload, and expanding your lifespan by multiple years. Now you were warned.

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