Reiki Infused

What is Reiki infused skin care? How does it affect the product? 

We have taken a look at many many studies in which they measure the effect of energy on water. After all, skincare products are liquid (in some shape or form, it doesn’t have to be just plain water).

Penn State University science professor Rustum Roy conducted many studies, and he found that water molecules have a variety of potential configurations in which they can bond together. These can be altered by passing frequencies, resulting water to gain healing properties. A rigorous study examined water treated by therapeutic touch of energy healers (Schwartz, De Mattei, Brame, & Spottiswoode 2015). After 45- minute therapeutic sessions, the water showed highly significant changes in its absorption, which demonstrated that the bonding angle between the oxygen and two hydrogen atoms was altered by contact with the healing field. This particular experiment was carefully blinded and controlled. Chinese qigong master Xin Yan has demonstrated the ability to alter the molecular structure of water dramatically. Researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted 10 experiments with Dr. Yan. In all cases, he was able to affect the water. 

It is our greatest pleasure to find these studies to show there is scientific evidence that energy does have a strong effect on every molecule on this earth.

All skincare products contain some type of liquid, which can be compared to water. Researchers choose to conduct experiments on water, to have the clearest results on the simplest form of liquid. Diana performs Reiki on all skincare products as she makes them and when they are done and ready to be packaged or are already packaged. In the beginning, Diana started performing Reiki on her products intuitively, now it is a key factor in the manufacturing process. Many clients have reported back that they feel there is a difference in her products that they haven’t felt in any other skincare line. Now we finally know the reason, infusion of energy.