Authorized Retailers

There are websites out there that are selling under our name, Diana Ralys Skin Health, that are either way over market value or totally false advertising and not using our formulas. Please stick to purchasing our product line through the following authorized retailers.

Diana Ralys Skin Health website (which you are on right now)

Radiance Wellness Spa on 1207 4th st Santa Monica CA 90401

Debbie Spadaro (Florida)

Rochelle Mulvihill - Cleanse Spa (Pasadena, CA)

Eve and Adam Spa - All Locations

Joann Munoz - L A ‘ attitude (Culver City, CA)

Melissa Imperial Skin Artistry (Ventura CA)

Enlight Beauty (San Diego, CA)

Shayne Uphold (Bakersfield, CA)

Pro Organic Beauty Salon (LA CA)

Aloha Natural Faces -Debbie Thorton (Maui HI + San Jose CA)

Mercedes Shields - Krimson Salon (Burbank, CA)

Image Wellness Spa (Cape Coral FL)

AngiesDermaCare (Danville CA)

Resting Witch Facials (LA CA)

Stephanie Yohe (Staten Island NY)