Are “walk-ins” welcome?
Yes, but please understand that same day appointments can be hard to schedule sometimes. Please don't hesitate to come in/call for same day appointments. 

Does “Diana Ralys Skin Health” provide any other services besides facials?
We specialize in skin’s health, we devote our time to cleanse and heal your facial skin. However, since our move in March 2016, we have added some awesome services that include: Reiki, Massage, and Infrared Body Booth Sessions. DRSH can now be your whole body wellness go to center.

Do “Diana Ralys Skin Health” facials include extractions?
Yes, most of them do! We believe that extractions are an essential part of cleaning the skin.

How do I decide which facial is right for me?
Contact us via phone or email with your skin concerns/questions/desired outcomes and we will help you decide on which facial would best fit your needs. All of our facials descriptions are under the Facial menu.

Why does Diana Ralys Skin Health do not use steam?

Many people associate facials with steam. For some it may feel relaxing, it is actually not beneficial for the skin in the facial. It causes “hot shower effect”. Warms up the skin for a short time and when the steamer is off, skin get even dryer and tighter. That’s when extractions become so painful and facial masks work less effectively. To soften skin and open pores we use warm compresses with essential oil blend.

What does Organic mean for Diana Ralys Skin Health?
Facials: In treatments, only natural non invasive equipment is used in our facials with products that use organic ingredients or non toxic/chemical ingredients.

Products: Diana Ralys Skin Health skincare is not Certified Organic. Everyone should be able to afford high quality skincare products. To keep the prices the way they are, Diana decided not to invest into certifying her skincare line, however ingredients used in the skincare line are Certified Organic or wild crafted.