No time for a mask? Not anymore!

Often I hear from my clients: “I know that mask would be good for my skin, but I don’t have time”, “I am a mom, so I don’t really have time for a mask”, “I am too tired after work to think about using a mask”. Can you relate to these? Yes? Then this post is for you.

First lets talk what are the benefits of the masks. Well, that depends on ingredients. Different mask should be chosen to treat different skin conditions.

Moisturizing mask are fordry, mature, sensitive or dehydrated skin. How to determine is your skin is dry or dehydrated? Dry skin is been dry your whole life, that is your skin type that you inherited for a life time, so you will have to continuously choose skin care products that are hydrating, moisturizing and a little bit on a heavy side. Dehydrated skin is temporarily dry, because of some factors, like: drying skin care products, excess sun exposure and sunburn, certain medication intake, life style (alcohol, recreational drugs, smoking, lack of sleep), allergy medication, wind and so on. Dehydrated skin is curable. You only need to use extra moisturizing products until the symptoms are gone. Ingredients for a moisturizing mask: hyaluronic acid, oils, vitamin E, herbal extracts, algae extractetc.

Anti-bacterial masks are recommended for blemish, acne or congested skin conditions. If anti-bacterial mask leaves your skin feeling dry, it is recommended to follow with a moisturizing mask or light weight oil. Anti-bacterial mask ingredients to look for: clay, mud, fruit acids, enzymes, calendula, dandelion, neem, aloe vera etc.

Exfoliating masks are for dull, mature, skin that are lacking the healthy glow and are congested. Properly exfoliated and moisturized skin looks happier and younger! The key is not to over-exfoliate. How to know if your skin had too much exfoliation? The symptoms are: bumpiness, redness, dryness, sensitivity. Skin can get these irritation symptoms not just from the product overuse, but also by using facial brush too often. For example Clarisonic brand recommends to use their brush every day with the nightly cleanse. Number one mistake people do is that they apply the cleanser and they start rotating the brush over the skin. That way the make-up, pollution, dust gets circulated into the pores. Skin needs to be properly washed with a cleanser first and the brush used with the second wash. Number two mistake is when the brush is used too often, like every night. Unless you have very thick oily skin, eventually skin will get irritated.

Now how about finding that time!? I absolutely LOVE skin care products, but it gets challenging to take a half an hour or an hour brake twice a week. Of course, this is much preferable, to lock yourself in the bathroom, light up a yummy candle and take a long bath with relaxing essential oils, give yourself a facial…, but the reality for most of us is that we collapse at night and even brushing teeth feels too much work…

Here are my 2 easy tips how to find the time in everybody’s busy life for a mask!

  1. Wash your face right after dinner and apply your mask. Continue with your evening activities. Is that simple. My husband and my kids saw me in myriads of different color masks. If you are shy to be alone with a weird colored face, plan a facial party for everyone! I heard many times from my clients that their boyfriends, husbands or friends were very happy to try and even got addicted, now in that case, you make them buy the next jar of your mask…
  2. This is even easier than the first one, especially if you take showers more then baths. Apply the mask while you have the hair conditioner on. Keep massaging the mask for about 3 to 5 minutes. The trick is, because you have steam going in the shower, the mask stays moist and you can massage for that long. While massaging you are increasing the circulation and pushing the mask deeper into the skin. The effects you will get will be like you had the mask for 30 minutes!