Camera Ready Skin

Today I am honored to introduce our client actress Suzanne Ford, and share with you her secrets how she manages to look SO incredibly good and get her skin camera ready.

“An actor since she was a small child, Suzanne trained in New York with Stella Adler and William Esper. She has appeared in over 100 stage productions there, on tour and in regional theatres around the country. On stage in Los Angeles she recently appeared as Polly in “Other Desert Cities” at International City Theatre and as Goneril in “King Lear” at Pacific Resident Theatre, and has also performed at The Laguna Playhouse, La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts, Rogue Machine and The Black Dahlia. 

In Hollywood she has worked extensively in television and film, guest starring on shows including “Grey’s Anatomy,” “The Mindy Project,” “The Middle,” “Monk,” “Bones,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “House,” “That 70s Show,” “Las Vegas,” “Friends” and many others.

Feature film work includes leading roles in independent films including “Manson Family Vacation” with Jay Duplass, “Jack & Cocaine,” “MoniKa,” “God’s Country” “Darkening Sky” with Rider Strong, “Uncross the Stars” with Barbara Hershey and Ron Perlman, and “Of Silence” with writer/director/star Jeremiah Sayys. She has also appeared in “The Apparition,” starring Ashley Greene and Tom Felton, “The Informers,” starring Kim Basinger, Mickey Roarke, Brad Renfroe and Billy Bob Thornton, and “You, Me & Dupree,” starring Matt Dillon, Kate Hudson, Owen Wilson and Michael Douglas.

– IMDb.

Camera-Ready Skin, by actress Suzanne Ford
“As anyone toiling in the “on camera” side of the entertainment industry will tell you, these days it’s more crucial than ever to have perfect skin. Today’s hyper-resolution technologies—like HD—can be brutal; there’s nothing left to the viewer’s imagination! Every pore, sag, wrinkle and blemish is magnified. To counteract this dilemma takes nothing less than cutting-edge skin care.

Enter Diana. I rejoiced when I found her, because I finally had an effective weapon in my arsenal. The day after my first facial with her I had a movie shoot, and looked (and therefore felt) fantastic. I was hooked! Ever since, whenever I have a big event—whether it’s an important meeting, PR function, television gig or film job, I go to Diana for the miracle I know she’ll perform.

My favorite of her fantastic treatments is the wonderful All-Natural Age Management with Micro-Current. Like many other women my age (older than 40, OK?) I’m concerned about texture, wrinkle prevention and brightness, but also mainly about firmness and lift. This treatment does it all—with amazing serums like Oxygen Plasma, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides and Vitamin C—but also with micro-current and LED light equipment that visibly tightens and lifts. It’s a two-hour treatment that is worth every second, as it not only looks great right away, but also lasts for days afterward.

Along with a fabulous and very thorough traditional facial (her hands are amazing) using the highest quality, organically pure skin care products, Diana takes it up several notches with state-of-the-art microcurrent treatments. Here’s where she gets truly game-changing results: fine lines, wrinkles and expression lines diminished, muscles plumped, blood circulation increased by 35%, jowls and double chin reduced, droopy eyelids lifted, lymphatic drainage increased, collagen elastin productivity increased by 45%, pore size minimized, pigmentation reduced, skin surface smoothed, future cell turnover stimulated and the entire face firmed and lifted.

Here’s how microcurrent works scientifically: it’s a bio-stimulation using small amounts of electricity in various intensities to stimulate muscle and or myo-filament responses. These responses increase ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and blood flow, in turn encouraging cellular regeneration. In the muscle cell, the blood capillary response improves along with the cell’s metabolic rate and growth of collagen. This creates an enhanced environment for blood stimulation, lymphatic stimulation and cellular stimulation through increasing cellular metabolism. In a nutshell, it allows the muscle to fixate better to the bone, and skin to fixate better to muscle, resulting in a more youthful appearance with a lifted and toned look to the skin. As Diana puts it, “It is the total workout for the prevention of aging.”

Of course a thoughtful and targeted regular routine can help maintain the miracle—and Diana can help with this, too. My daily skin care regimen now includes serums and creams that Diana has recommended which are not only more effective than the many department store brands I’ve tried over the years, but also cost less (hello?!) so I’m grateful to her for that, too.

Of course, it’s nice to have great skin whether or not you’re in front of the camera, but if you ARE a performer your appearance is on the line every day; it’s a huge element in your livelihood. And yes, there are many things that are totally out of our control in the entertainment business, but it’s nice to know that the beauty of our skin doesn’t have to be one of them.” -Suzanne Ford

It is hard to explain how I feel when someone so wonderful, like Suzanne Ford talks about me, my products and my treatments with such an appreciation. It brings tears into my eyes and makes my heart beet faster, so that’s what you get when you LOVE what you do and your life’s passion becomes your everyday work. Cheers!

For detailed information and to book the treatment click here: All Natural Age Management