NAME: Signature LED Facial + Soul Session


PRICE: $305

RECOMMENDED FOR: Any skin type or age: sensitive, congested, oily, dry, mature skin. Unblock and cleanse energies and injuries (body or mind).

BENEFITS/ OUTCOMES: Healthy glowing skin. No down time. Replenished skin. Firm feeling skin. Radiant skin. Vibrant skin. As well a replenished mind body and soul.

FREQUENCY RECOMMENDED: Bi-weekly or monthly [facial + soul session, Soul Sessions on their own can be done as frequently as you would like]

We have combined two services to give you an out of this world experience.
Our Signature Facial with LED + Alana's Soul Session

Book this experience now, your skin, mind, and body will thank you!

This spectacular treatment starts with our Signature Facial, rejuvenate your skin with the natural ingredients that help your skin replenish, renew, and radiate. Melt away impurities. Shed old cells with an enzyme detoxing exfoliant. Extract what doesn't suite you. Enjoy our Signature face massage that will lift, stimulate, and invigorate the skin to give a natural glow. Relax under the magic of LED, LED therapy increases collagen production, improves elasticity, kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. This is where Alana's Soul Session begins. Throughout our life, we experience many blows. They may be physical injuries, or emotional ones.  We are taught that part of being “strong” is to get yourself together and move on from it, however there is a problem with this approach. The injuries, unless released are stored within us. Over time they become real blockages that can prevent us in some very serious ways. They can block us creatively, block us in how we connect with others, and can even manifest as physical problems within us.  The Soul Sessions are a combination of a few different modalities including Cranio-Sacral, Chakra reading and balancing, and simply talking about what comes up for you as certain strain patterns are identified and released. Then we will set up new energetic patterns that will serve you MUCH better. This is deep and powerful work, it’s about removing anything that is preventing you from being your full self and creating that which you most truly want.

You will float out of the treatment room a different person. It should be noted that these services can be booked separately as well. Signature + LED is a 90min treatment $195, Soul Sessions are 60 min $145.

This experience is not like anything else you can receive anywhere else as Alana is a special healer who has combined her passions or helping others and esthetics.