NAME: Organic Signature Rejuvenation + LED

DURATION: 90 mins

PRICE: $195 ($234 with Diana)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Any skin type or age: sensitive, congested, oily, dry, mature skin

BENEFITS/ OUTCOMES: Healthy glowing skin. No down time. Replenished skin. Firm feeling skin. Radiant skin. Vibrant skin, with the help of LED 


In addition to cleansing, extractions of impurities (blackhead removal), exfoliation, facial massage and two masks, we use a unique technique to prepare the skin - lush microfiber towel compresses with proprietary solution. Hot steam is not appropriate for every skin type, and it is NOT beneficial for anybody! It blasts hot steam unevenly, dries and tightens skin right after it's turned off. Our compress solution is infused with organic MSM, Magnesium and Orange Blossom extract, it can be called "skin food". Compresses, besides feeling heavenly and relaxing, prepare skin for following treatment steps to achieve best results.

Face is massaged with therapeutic oil blends, that we leave on the skin under a mask for maximum penetration.

LED/Infrared Light Therapy:

Using light to create cellular activity for healthy skin results. Safe and effective for any skin type. Relaxing, non-invasive, no healing downtime, stimulating cell regeneration, promoting product penetration and detoxifying. We use combination panel that consists Blue, Red, Amber LED and Infrared lights.

Light therapy is an effective treatment that can help a wide variety of skin conditions and is backed by clinical and scientific evidence. When light is absorbed by the skin, it stimulates new skin cells to grow in a healthier way, provides protection against damage, and helps to heal a variety of skin problems.

NASA’s studies have shown that cells which have been exposed to LED Light Therapy have a 150% enhancement to their cellular metabolism, thereby accelerating the repair and replenishment of damaged cells.

Red Light Therapy benefits:

Stimulates collagen formation, Increases ATP {fuel for our cells}, Stimulates cell turnover, minimizes mild scarring, minimizes pore size, promotes wound healing , reduces inflammation, increases circulation and moisture retention.

Blue LED Light Therapy benefits:

Minimizes {inflamed and non-inflamed} acne conditions. Emits a single oxygen molecule to retard the growth of bacteria.

Amber LED Light Therapy benefits:

Anti-inflammatory, Promotes Lymph circulation, and stimulates collagen and elasticity formation.

Infrared Light Benefits:

Boost collagen production, smooths wrinkles, enhances skin tone, aids in detoxification of the skin, and Promotes product penetration.


LED Light is used with serums (Oxygen Plasma, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Stem Cells and Vitamin C with Turmeric)  or Vita C Ashwagandha Mask.

Products are custom to benefit any skin type or age.

Did you know that tap water contains over 300 chemicals? That is why we only use filtered drinking water in all our facials.