What are The Soul Sessions?

Throughout our life, we experience many blows. They may be physical injuries, or emotional ones.  We are taught that part of being “strong” is to get yourself together and move on from it, however there is a problem with this approach. The injuries, unless released are stored within us. Over time they become real blockages that can prevent us in some very serious ways. They can block us creatively, block us in how we connect with others, and can even manifest as physical problems within us.  

The Soul Sessions are a combination of a few different modalities including Cranio-Sacral, Chakra reading and balancing, and simply talking about what comes up for you as certain strain patterns are identified and released. Then we will set up new energetic patterns that will serve you MUCH better. This is deep and powerful work, it’s about removing anything that is preventing you from being your full self and creating that which you most truly want.

60 min sessions $145 - Exclusively with Alana

This can be added together with our Signature LED Facial / 2 hr $305

Alana scans the body to see where to work on during each session.