What is MicroCurrent?

What is Micro-Current? How Micro-Current works? What are the benefits of Micro-Current Facial? How often Micro-current treatment should be done to get and keep the benefits?

First of all I have to tell you, that Micro-Current Facial Treatment is THE most wanted Facial we do at our Skin Center in Santa Monica! Some days we do only that. The firming and lifting results are undeniable, clients book Micro-Current Facials regularly: to look younger and refreshed all the time; before important event, performance, filming or a date: to temporarily lift and firm.

Micro-Current facial. Micro-Current is a Bio-Stimulation using small amounts of electricity. With a conductivity gel (best if you can find Skin Center that uses firming ingredients in the conducting product) Micro-Current gives muscles an exercise, a total workout, that you cannot get anyhow else. I was introduced to several facial muscle exercise programs where you make facial expressions to prevent lines and wrinkles. The problem I found was that it is not possible to make facial expression without creating lines!

Micro-current increases the circulation in the tissue to deliver oxygen, nutrients and water to the cells more efficiently and faster. How does that relate to turning back the time? In a big way; with increased blood and lymphatic system circulation, the cellular metabolism is improved. In a nut shell the way muscle is fixating to the bone and skin fixating to the muscle is improved. In a result: you get more youthful appearance with a lifted-toned look to your skin!

Most people like not having healing downtime., so Micro-current is perfect for them. However, people who receive Botox and/or filler injection, can and should incorporate Micro-current treatments as well. In my opinion, in this case Micro-current is even more important, since there is very limited muscle movement.

How often Micro-current treatment should be done to get and keep the benefits? This totally depends on every person. If someone wants to look their best for a special occasion, they only need 1 or 2 treatments. For someone who needs to turn back the time, need to start an intense 2 time a week program for several weeks and then get maintenance sessionsonce or twice a month. Micro-current also works best as preventative procedure, and in that case can be done once every 4 weeks.

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