Apple Stem Cell Benefits

What are Stem Cells? How can it rejuvenate the skin? How do Apple Stem Cells work?

Researchers and scientists were conducting extensive studies over the past few decades, on the power of stem cells to repair damaged human tissues, to regenerate injured or diseased organs, spinal cords and other seriously debilitating conditions.  Stem cells are capable of renewing themselves indefinitely, they are not coded to be specifically anything, and can transform into many different types of cells, and are therefore useful throughout the entire body, including skin.

 Skin naturally begins to thin out as we age.  Epidermal stem cell supplies become depleted, new cell production slows down significantly, and skin starts to show signs of aging, including loss of elasticity, thinning and wrinkling.

 Plants also have stem cells. Scientists are researching how plant Stem Cells can be used to help human cells to rejuvenate and repair. Swiss Apple tree is used to produce Apple Stem Cells to be used in skin care products. This particular tree has an amazingly long life! Products developed with these Stem Cells, especially when combined with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides, has shown undeniably positive benefits.

 Apple Stem cell Benefits for the skin:

  • protects skin cells from the damaging effects of UV rays;

  • promotes new healthy skin cell formation to prevent age related skin degradation;

  • benefits are accumulative, the longer you use the better results will be received;

  • skin firming,

  • cell rejuvenation,

  • skin rebuilding,

  • moisturizing,

  • increases skin’s elasticity,

  • reduces appearance of wrinkles;

  • Increase skin’s cell vitality and longevity;

  • Repairs damaged tissue;

  • Targets premature aging and fine lines

  • Reverses environmental damage.