Super Foods for Breakfast

Sunburst Superfoods

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I can claim 100% that super food smoothie is the secret to my health and endless energy. I start my day with green vegetable juice (thanks to my amazing husband preparing it for me every morning!), carrot juice with ginger follows that (and again kudos to my husband), and super food smoothie finalizes my breakfast.

When I am traveling, I can always find vegetable juice, found it even in Hong Kong. Super food smoothie is more challenging to find. First 2-3 days no problem, but then I feel lack of energy, get tired quicker, and my brain is not as productive. What is interesting that before I started drinking vegetable juice and smoothie daily, I was healthy, but did not had as much energy, creativity, and thought that was normal. Even in my twenties, I would not be able to run or go on challenging hikes, I thought I was just not athletic. Now I surprise myself, sometimes on our weekly family hikes I can go longer distance then my kids!

Well, once I started studying super foods, there was no surprise that smoothie containing such nutrient rich ingredients would cause a super human health. Also, it’s a plus that the smoothie tastes delicious! Here is another recipe of my super breakfast. Of course, you should experiment it create your own recipes too. It’s fun and rewarding.

Chocolate Berry breakfast (4 portions)

handful of nuts ( mix cashews, walnuts, macadamia)

2 cups of water

8 tbs spoons Hemp seeds

1 tbs Chia seeds

1 tbs Ashwaganhda powder

1 tbs Mangosteen powder

1 tbs Spirulina powder

1 tbs Chlorella powder

few chunks of Cacao paste

2 tbs raw unfiltered Honey

1 tbs Red Maca powder

1 tbs Noni powder

1 tbs Wheat-grass powder

handful of fresh or frozen berries.

Soak nuts overnight or at least 20 minutes. Drain the nuts, add all ingredients into Vitamix or other powerful blender. Blend for about 3 minutes and enjoy! I buy all my super foods at Sunburst foods. Click the picture bellow and it will take you to their website.