Grow your own wheat grass

Just in case you missed it, please refer to my previous article to learn about the amazing benefits of Wheatgrass juice (includes the video).

Once I learned about the undeniable power of Wheatgrass juice, I had to try it. I started making daily trips to Whole Foods market and buying 1 oz shots at the fresh juice bar. I loved the benefits, so I wanted my entire family to add it to their daily diet. Only freshly made and consumed withing 15 minutes Wheatgrass juice has all these nutrients and oxygen. That was when I stared buying the whole flats from Gayle (contact info in my previous article).

Eventually I had to graduate to growing it myself. Those who know me well, definitely know that I am not a good gardener. Like my husband said, once I expressed my thought about possibly trying to grow our own Wheatgrass, “Diana, you know gardening is not one of our strengths”. He was absolutely right, but I needed to try anyway. I always tell my kids, you cannot say “I don’t like” or “I cannot do it” until you tried it. So here I was, searching on the internet for best organic seeds, soil, extra minerals and instructions on sprouting, planting and growing.

Let me tell you, there is a lot of information and help out there. I encourage you to watch some videos (I am planing to film one myself later), read blogs and tips before you start, but there is nothing better then your own experience. As much ready as I felt after observing all the information, I still learned from my own mistakes, that I will share with you here.

I took pictures almost of each step, and I will try to explain to my best ability how the whole process goes. main thing for sure-EVERYONE can grow Wheatgrass! It is so easy and fun. Also, it does not require much time per day, so even those with busy schedules can fit it in their routine.

Just think about it, how much better and powerful your product will be. It will have the most important and valuable Vitamin L (LOVE), that you cannot buy.

Here we go:

I told you it was easy! The most fun part of it is, that the progress is so fast. In only 10 days you get to see this beautiful, lush green grass.

Involve your family or friends in this process, if you can, it makes it easier and more enjoyable. My boys like to check on the progress and water the grass. My dear husband Victor and I are a great team.We do it all together. It is very satisfying to say that we changed our unlucky history of gardening. Now we can proudly say, we grow our food. Well, at least one little part of it…Little steps at the time.

Read my previous article about the Wheatgrass juice benefits. Email me at if you have any questions. I am here to inspire and support you.