Benefits of a Toner

What is Toner? What is the purpose of Toner in skin care routine? Why it is important to add this step to your daily skin ritual? Aren’t Toners drying my skin?What ingredients to look for in a toner? These are the most often questions I get asked from my clients.

What is Toner? Toner is a liquid that is sprayed onto the skin. Because it is a liquid, it penetrates the skin quickly, so it delivers the beneficial ingredients almost immediately. Toners are applied on the clean skin, before any other skin care products.

What is the purpose of Toner in skin care routine? The purpose and the benefits depend on ingredients in the toner. It could be hydrating for dry skinantibacterial for acnebalancing for normal skin or after shave spray.  Another purpose of the toner is to remove any left over residue of make-up or skin cleanser. In this case you spray toner onto the cotton and wipe the skin. Toners could also be used as a liquid to mix and activate the powder mask, to multiply and strengthen the benefits.

Why it is important to add this step to to your daily skin ritual? Toners are the most neglected products in the skin care routine. Toners are still carrying bad reputation from the past, when they were created with useless inexpensive ingredients. Well designed toners are extremely beneficial and should be an important step in the skin care routine. They should be on the list of Travel Essentials. I always carry a hydrating toner to keep my skin protected and moist while traveling. Anti- bacterial toner also serves as hand and surface sanitizer.

Aren’t Toners drying for my skin?   Yes, toners could be very drying to the skin if they contain alcohol and/or acids. It can also be damaging and dangerous if it contains toxic chemicals and ingredients like Isopropyl Alcohol, Parabens, Artificial Fragrance, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate, Mineral Oil and other. Skin may immediately feel a burning sensation, get bumpy or become addictive. For example, Mineral Oil gives a false feeling that your skin is moisturized, but it actually depletes the moisture from the skin. So the more you use the product with Mineral Oil, the dryer your skin becomes.

What ingredients to look for in a toner?  My favorite toner ingredients are Aloe Vera juice, Herbal and Floral extracts, Essential Oils and Vitamins. Aloe Vera juice is probably THE BEST ingredient in skin care, because of all the calming and healing properties. Essential Oils provide cell rejuvenation, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-aging and myriad of other benefits.