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I have been a client of Diana Ralys and her Radiance Wellness Spa for 6 years. She is fantastic!!! I can’t imagine “aging” without her! I have a true miracle story below after a little background.

I am 63 and usually assumed to be barely 50, if that. I had been having “high end” facials for years prior to meeting Diana and used top of the line products....la Mer, la Prairie, Natura Bisse, you name it. All were great products and I always looked far younger than my age with NO dermatologist, no procedures, etc. Then at 57, struggling to care for my aging parents, both with terminal health issues and a high pressure career as a partner with a global professional services firm, I was starting to show my age. A friend recommended Diana for Microcurrent treatments. I am totally averse to needles or knives, but thought this was worth a try as it is non-invasive. Within a month, all my friends, colleagues and even my mother’s oncologist demanded to know “what I’d had done”. My skin was firm, lifted and radiant even though my stress hadn’t lessened. I was thrilled with the results and stayed on Diana’s maintenance program. I was also thrilled that she started selling her fantastic all natural products, which I use religiously. They have replaced almost all of my “high end” products. They work as well or better but at a much lower price point and they are totally clean and HEALTHY. I am also thrilled that I’m not paying for expensive packaging (that I would just toss) or extensive marketing campaign.

Five years ago, we moved to Colorado. There is NO ONE like Diana where we now live. We return to L.A. several times a year and I can’t wait to see Diana for intensive maintenance. I found someone in my new home town who does Microcurrent and I do keep up with it. It helps, but not like Diana or her products that she uses in her facial and Microcurrent treatments.

Sadly, six months ago, we had another extremely stressful life event that left me an emotional mess. My skin erupted and would not completely heal. After 6 months, despite facials, Diana’s great products and all my best effort, I was still breaking out, my skin was peeling, thin and extremely fragile.

We finally got back to LA and I got in to see Diana right away. She did her Ultimate HydroRenewal Package, Microcurrent, Serum Jet Infusion and LED. Diana performed Reiki on my face and I could feel the heat of her hands melting into my face. I also did a pain relief sauna. Expensive day? Yes. But less than I have paid for very expensive products after a “free facial” at Neimans. Worth it? Absolutely! Diana thought I would be healed in 7-8 days. I told her it would be sooner, I could feel it.

Truly, the next day, the peeling stopped, fresh smooth pink healthy skin emerged and in 3 days you could barely see any discoloration. Two weeks out now I can leave the house without makeup, and with a little makeup, no one can tell I ever had a skin problem. I was stressed and mortified that I might never get my complexion back, and Diana resolved it in 24 hours.

I told Diana (and my husband) that I hope to never go through something like that again, but if I do, I’m jumping on the first available flight to LA to see Diana!
— Linda S - Yelp Review

Los Angeles, California

“As an actress, who has worked in television and film for the past 25 years, I have tried some of the top skin care products and facials available. After a health scare a few years ago, I began investigating the toxic chemicals and animal cruelty involved in many “beauty” lines and treatments. Fortunately, I had never received any botox or other injectables. I was thrilled when I met Diana, who believes as I do, that true beauty is found in living harmoniously and consciously with our environment. She is an incredibly nurturing soul who is committed to offering the most advanced technologies in alternative skin care along with natural products. I highly recommend this wise and gifted woman.” Sheryl Lee, actress

Recording Artist
Paris, France

“Diana has been my facialist for years.  I seriously wouldn’t trust my skin to anyone else. What is so special about Diana is that she really cares about her clients. Her treatments are catered to each client’s specific needs, and they are so luxurious and fabulous. She is kind, sincere, and über-knowledgeable, and her clinic is inviting, beautiful, and a tranquil haven.  Perhaps most importantly is the fact that Diana is committed to true health. True natural health. As such, she doesn’t use any products that contain toxic chemicals in her skin care practice, and she’s always attending classes and workshops to learn as much as humanly possible about health and skincare.  As a natural girl, you can imagine my delight upon finding someone who values natural, sustainable products and procedures as much as I do. If you are looking to find the most healthy, effective way to take care of your skin in Los Angeles… look no further. Diana is the best, best, best.”ANN CHRISTINE, Recording Artist

Los Angeles, California

Diana is a skin care genius. I was very lucky to have stumbled upon her name through Spa Finder, and after my first facial I was completely hooked. Everything about her skin care is perfection, from her nurturing touch to her lovely, serene clinic, to the truly spectacular results. I am honestly not exaggerating when I say there was an enormous and beautiful difference in my skin after only the first facial, and it only gets better and better. My skin has never looked more radiant. Diana knows her stuff from the inside out and has amazing resources up her sleeve to accomplish exactly what you need, from cleansing to firming to hydrating to healing. She is the best, and the nicest thing about her is that she is such a lovely and caring person. Thanks to her, I am no longer looking for the perfect facial. I have found it.


Seattle, WA

I met Diana when I lived in LA and fell in love with her natural techniques and eco savvy products before it was a trend. My sensitive skin soaked in her powerful products and her facials calmed my inflammation and outbreaks. I moved to Seattle this year and was diagnosed with breast cancer, which left my skin ultra sensitive as a result of chemotherapy treatments. Living far away from LA and Diana, her Skin Health product line has been a miracle. Her Gentle Gel Wild Oat & Honey Cleanser is the most amazing creation of aloe, honey and oats. My overly dehydrated skin washes clean without irritation and soaks up the restorative benefits of Diana’s anti-inflammatory oil blend. I follow with a mix of her Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Specialty Blend Oil and Essential Moisturizer …a must for my nutrient depleted skin. My skin feels like silk now and glows from within. Thank you Diana! Your passion and intelligence behind your skin care shines through. Keep the good stuff coming!”

Ruta Sarkis

Essen, Germany

Those who knows me – it is not a secret, I am not a fan of advertisements, but I always make an exception for products, which I would strongly recommend for my beloved ones – FRIENDS! Soon I will turn 26 ( as majority of my friends) – a perfect time to tell “Goodbye” for a cosmetic from mass production ( let´s be honest with ourselves: cosmetic which is full of chemicals). After reading so many positive comments about “Diana Ralys Skin Health” products, I became curious to try it. I am a person, who is not sharing opinion loudly without experiencing by myself, first of all I decided to contact Diana personally. It is important to mention, I´ve got a personal consultation: which exactly products are suiting the most for the skin of my age, clear explanation about the usage, etc. After trying products, all what I can tell – WOW effect! The skin is really like a velvet and feeling fresh! A short message to others: those, who appreciate natural products, I strongly recommend “Diana Ralys Skin Health” and I am pretty sure, after trying you will want to thank personally Diana for creating such amazing products ( who knows, maybe for me too, as long my message led you to this discovery).