Spa Parties and Spa Events

Your private spa: reserve the entire spa for a very special time of luxury and health. A customized treatment menu, catering, group discounts, and gifts are available. A serene atmosphere combined with a friendly staff gives the perfect environment to host a party of any kind. Our spa location can accommodate much more than just spa treatments, here we have some ideas for a party for you, we’re open to custom as well!

Birthday Party:
Throw a party that everyone will remember. 
You’ll be the best friend that everyone wants to
have when you’re treating them to spa treatments.

Sound Bath and/or Meditation Workshop:
The best way to wind down and relax is with a
moment and stillness. Vibrations and meditations
take bodies and mind to another world. 

Detox Tea Party:
The ultimate detox hour! Combining infrared
detox treatments, detox foot soaks, and detox teas.

Smoothie / Juice Workshop:
We all know juice and smoothies are healthy. 
Need some helpful recipes and means of how
the process works? Head on over, Diana is a
certified health coach.

Baby Shower:
A mother to be is our kind of client. She’s well
deserving of some pampering time. A baby
shower held at the spa not only refreshes her
but her close ones who will be helping her when
the baby arrives. [Our products and treatments
are expecting mother safe]

Boost productivity |Brings positive
energy to your employees |Emotional
well-being |Rejuvenated bodies equal
rejuvenated minds |taking a break from
the outside world can do wonders for
the mind | experience a relaxed and
comfortable atmosphere for
your employees to share

Holiday Parties:
Enjoy a holiday party at the spa.
Refreshments can be supplied. 
What’s a better way to spend the
season of giving than gifting spa treatments!

Bridal/Bachelorette Party:
Pamper the Bride and her bridal party
with the ultimate bridal shower that
includes spa treatments and refreshments

Special Event:
Anything and everything in life is worth
celebrating. Gather up your friends and
family and throw a spa party! 

Furniture aside, there's plenty of space for activities, like yoga, mat pilates, meditation groups, etc

Furniture aside, there's plenty of space for activities, like yoga, mat pilates, meditation groups, etc

Seating with snacks and beverages! 

Seating with snacks and beverages! 

Contact Kristina for more details


Visit the spa to see the space for yourself!