Ultimate Regenerating Serum

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Ultimate Regenerating Serum 1oz.png

Ultimate Regenerating Serum


Five actions in one bottle. Provides hydration, moisture, oxygenation, firming, antioxidants. With each application, your skin will get a taste of five of our serums.

Formulated by practicing Skin Therapist/Expert Diana Ralys.

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This serum was designed to do it all, from firming and brightening to oxygenating and rejuvenating skin. The secret to the formula’s effectiveness is its range of powerful, pure organic ingredients that come together to provide full spectrum support for all skin types. You will get a little bit of everything; moisture and cell rejuvenation from Argan Oil, hydration from Hyaluronic Acid, vegan collagen, peptides and stem cells for ultimate anti-aging properties, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits from Vitamin C + Turmeric, and finally the oxygenation that every skin cell is thirsty for from Oxygen Plasma. Not to mention that this serum also contains DPHP that is a natural plant derived lipid agent consisting of hydroxyproline (natural amino acid essential for skin collagen synthesis) & palmitic acid (natural fatty acid). It provides long-lasting firming & moisturizing effects. Has been shown to improve the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers, inhibition of age promoting elastase enzymes, and, because of the high antioxidant content, inhibition of free radicals. Helps to maintain overall integrity of the skin barrier.

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INGREDIENTS: Hyaluronic Acid (Vegan), Vegan Collagen, DPHP Amino Acid, Argan Oil*, Prickly Pear Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Argireline, Matrixyl 3000, Snap-8, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Oxygen Plasma, Giant Kelp, (Extracts: Watermelon, Wasabi, Chaparral, Mulberry, Spotted Orchid, Dragon Fruit, Grapefruit, Turmeric) Purslane, Vitamin C Lipsome,Elderberry Phytocide, Co-Enzyme Q10, Vegetable Glycerin, Leucidal* Water, Rosehip Seed Oil, Fermented Sugar Gum, Apple Stem Cell, Saffron Stem Cell, Soybean Lecithin, Lime Citric Acid, Mineral Salt Preservative, Apple Extract, Essential Oils: Litsea, Neroli*, Orange Blossom*. *Organic

RECOMMENDED FOR: For all skin types and conditions. Recommended to start using in mid 20s for prevention and protection. Extremely beneficial for aging skin to restore and protect.

HOW TO USE: Take as much as you need to cover your face, neck and chest and massage into the skin. Use morning and night after washing and toning and before the moisturizer. Slight seporation is normal, give it a shake before use.

Our ingredients are sourced worldwide, through varying seasons and made in small batches. Please note that this may reflect in product's consistency, scent, and color. This is to be expected when true natural ingredients are used without synthetic binders, harmful chemicals, and coloring.

Made in small batches to ensure quality. Hand poured and made with love. Infused with Reiki by Diana herself.