8 Chakra Balancing Meditation


8 Chakra Balancing Meditation


A guided meditation into balancing all 7 physical chakras of the body and the 8th spiritual chakra.

Digital Download.

Meditation created and recorded by Diana Ralys;

Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. Music Licensed by Enlightened Audio;

Edited by Victor Ralys.

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You will be guided: 

* where each chakra is located;

* which body organs each chakra governs and affects;

* how to clear each chakra;

* how you will feel when chakras are balanced and cleared of energy blocks;

* what and where is 8th chakra, and how to tap into it

Written and recorded by Diana Ralys. “Meditation plays a huge part in my spiritual growth, emotional groundless and physical healing. From my personal experience, I feel that the first, and most important meditation is Chakra Balancing.”

Chakras are energy centers. It is no longer mystical how it affects the health and emotional wellbeing. It has been studied and proved by science multiple times. Most people know of the 7 main Chakras, that are in the human body. Each of these Chakras govern certain organs and body systems. It is important to have these energy centers balanced and free of blockages.

There is also an 8th Chakra that heals and protects the energy around the body and is located in the Aura. The Eighth Chakra is The seat of the soul. It holds the ancient knowledge of our soul contracts and ultimately, our life purpose.

“It's beyond words what a change I experienced once I tapped into the 8th Chakra. I felt motivated to help others to reach that level of healing too. I created and recorded a guided 8 Chakras Balancing Meditation.” - Diana Ralys

This meditation is enhanced with relaxing music and Alpha Brain waves.

What are brain waves? Human brain consists of billions of neurons that use electricity as a way to communicate with one another. At the root of all our thoughts, emotions and behaviors is the communication between neurons. Brain waves are produced by synchronized electrical pulses from masses of neurons communicating with each other.

The combination of synchronized electrical activity in the brain is called a "brain wave" because of its cyclic and "wave-like" in nature. Brain waves can be detected using medical equipment, such as electroencephalogram (EEG).

In this meditation we will focus on Alpha brain waves are the state right before falling asleep. The brain is awake, but the body and mind are deeply relaxed. Help to achieve:

Higher Levels of Creativity; Improved Problem Solving Abilities; Improved Mood and Stability of Emotions; Enhanced Immune System; Alpha Brain Waves are known as “ Super learning” and “Genius states”.

While your brain is functioning in Alpha Brainwave state in this meditation, it is easier to quiet your mind and focus on the meditation. Its is a state right before falling asleep. The healing state.

After this meditation you will feel more grounded, relaxed, will experience better sleep, more creativity, more patience and all together deeper in love with your life.

Recommended to do this meditation once a week or as needed, even if its twice a day. It is not possible to over do it.

It is recommended that you listen to the meditation through headphones (over the ear or buds). Brainwaves will get lost in translation if the recording is played openly without headphones. This Meditation is also available at Radiance Wellness Spa, BOOK HERE

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