Sacred Moon Circle


Sacred Moon Circles are offered on every new moon and full moon. They are a fun, heart-opening, and transformative experience designed to inspire love, empowerment, healing, authentic expression and connection.

At a Sacred Moon circle, you can expect to:

-       deepen your meditative/spiritual practice

-       experience the magic of Breathwork

-       receive the nourishment of heart-felt connection

-       set potent new/full moon intentions

-       learn about the current astrological climate

-       connect deeply and authentically with community

-       receive energetic transmissions of immense love and expansion

-       be inspired, uplifted and transformed.

Each circle is planned around the astrological energies and significance of the full/new moon being honored. Possible offerings include: transformative New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies and rituals; exploration of the current astrological energies; group Akashic Record readings and healings; Breathwork journeys; sacred sharing opportunities; spiritual discourse; embodied movement meditation; guided meditation with healing energetic transmissions; Reiki; and guest speakers/teachers.

To honor the intimate and powerful nature of our work together in circle, circles are limited to only a few participants.

Circles are hosted by Daniela Gil, a Venice-based healing arts practitioner. Her primary work is as an Akashic Records practitioner - she is a clear and loving channel for information, wisdom, and powerful transmissions from the Akashic Records and ethereal realms - and a Breathwork facilitator, where she holds loving, safe and sacred space for powerful breathwork ceremonies and experiences.

Bring a yoga mat, a meditation pillow or cushion to sit on, and a blanket if you’d like to get cozy during Breathwork. You’re also welcome to bring any crystals or sacred objects you’d like to place on our altar in the center of the circle to charge with the healing energies of our circle.