Full and New Moon Guided Meditation


As the moon waxes and wanes, we can align with these energies to amplify our intentions and align with our soul’s purpose. Finding rhythm with the natural cycles of the moon and the stars can help illuminate and navigate the ever-changing energies.

The lunar phase begins with the NEW MOON and is a powerful time to visualize your dreams and set your intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle.  As the moon waxes and turns to face the earth, becoming brighter and bigger, our visions become clearer and the supportive energy increases.

As the moon gains its full power and light, the FULL MOON lights up the sky. The sun, moon, and the earth are in full alignment. This is a good time to let go of what no longer serves you and release emotions that the full moon energy tends to create inside of our bodies, hearts and minds.  As the moon begins to wane, we embrace the grace of letting go. Letting go, and releasing resistance, is the key to creating the life you came here for and ascending into the essence of your highest self.

Each NEW MOON and FULL MOON, Kimber Tiernan will lead you in a ceremony and a guided mediation to bring in light and clarity, while Ryan Santiago’s etheric voice and crystal bowls will accompany the mediation as she serenades you into an even deeper state of bliss.

*Bring any crystals you would like to charge with our collective intention. As well as a yoga mat to lay down on and a blanket if you get chilly.

Check our calendar by clicking HERE to find out when the next available Meditation will be held!