NAME: MicroCurrent + LED + High Performance Serums

DURATION: 1 hr 20 mins

PRICE: $195 ($234)

RECOMMENDED FOR: To prevent/ delay skin aging and sagging skin. Helps to smooth and lift skin. Perfect treatment before special events like birthdays/weddings/dates/performances.

BENEFITS/ OUTCOMES: Diminishes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & expression lines. Plumps up muscles. Increases blood circulation by 35%. Reduces jowls and double chin. Helps lift droopy eyelids. Increases collagen elastin productivity by 45%. Firms & lifts. Increases ATP (fuel for our skin). Minimizes pore size. Reduces pigmentation causes from acne lesions. Smooths and improves skin surface. Stimulates cell turnover

FREQUENCY RECOMMENDED: If you have not had a facial (cleansing) in over 4 weeks, we suggest you start with All Age Management + MicroCurrent, MicroCurrent will not have the same results if your skin is not cleansed. Results are cumulative, the more frequent the better the outcomes. Twice a week to start (for 8 weeks) then once a week (for 4 weeks) then once a month maintenance.

SERIES AVAILABLE: Series of 4 $700 Series of 8 $1325 Purchase Series Here


Natural, non-invasive way to dramatically firm and lift the skin. Too good to be true? This treatment is a complete game-changer in the anti-aging skin care industry, and will change how we view natural treatments.

Highest quality, purest, organic and effective skin care products and high-end equipment are used in this treatment.

Microcurrent: “The Exercise – Total Workout You Need to Look Good for Eternity”

What is Micro current? Micro current gives various intensities for muscle and or myo-filaments responses. These responses are important to increase ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) response. This process increases the blood flow for cellular regeneration which increases growth. It is the muscle cell we are focusing our efforts with; if you improve the blood capillary response then you are improving the cell’s metabolic rate which may relate to wound healing and growth of a stronger collagen response. Think about daily exercise how we increase the blood capillary which increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and water to our cell’s health. Micro current gives you the same advantage as well. “It is the total workout for the prevention of aging.” Micro current started in the 1930’s and studied more intensely in the 1960’s, this technology has grown in the past 5-7 years with having an impact with anti-aging benefits to the esthetic industry and other medical practices. How does this relate to turning back the hands of time? In a big way; this technology is a bio stimulator so therefore you are creating an enhanced environment for blood stimulation, lymphatic stimulation, and cellular stimulation through increasing cellular metabolism. “It is the total workout for the prevention of aging.” In a nutshell you are creating muscle to fixate better to bone and skin to fixate better to muscle. Results: More of a youthful appearance with a lifted – toned look to your skin. This progressive not aggressive treatment will give you a “lift” without surgery. Micro current efficiently delivers low frequency electrical currents that work in harmony with the body to gently and effectively “re-educate” the muscles. It helps to strengthen, firm and tone slack, sagging muscles. Increases the supply of vital nutrients to the muscle tissue and individual muscle fibers improving the tone and quality of the skin.

Traditional MicroCurrent is done with using simple conductivity gel. Conductivity gel has no benefits for the skin, it is just used to deliver current. Although, as long as Diana offered Micro current treatments to her clients, she was wishing that there would be a skin care product, that would be beneficial for the skin. Diana came up with the perfect solution! She created a mask that is firming and hydrating. Mask has excellent firming benefits by itself but works wonders when done with MicroCurrent. MicroCurrent helps to penetrate these wonderful ingredients even deeper into the skin. Clients who came to us from other spas and have done MicroCurrent in the past noticed a huge difference.

LED Therapy light is used with our high performance serums. Light helps to penetrate and circulate these powerful serum within the skin. LED used at the spa is a combination panel that encompasses all benefits that your skin may need. It stimulates cologne production for anti-aging benefits, it improved over all skin texture to help with discoloration and hyper pigmentation, and even helps kill off bacteria that causes acne. Combined with a customized blend of our serums your skin will glow!

*This treatment does not include compresses, extractions, massage, or mask.