NAME: Pure Oxygen Infusion

DURATION: 60 mins

PRICE: $165 ($198 with Diana)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Looking for instant glow before a special event. Great for any skin type even sensitive / rosacea skin. Helps dull and dry skin feel rejuvenated. Beneficial for frequent travelers.

BENEFITS/ OUTCOMES: Oxygenated and Hydrated Skin

FREQUENCY RECOMMENDED: Every 2-6 weeks depending on skin condition. 

This advanced technology Micro oxygen infusion system provides optimal results combined with oxygen concentrate + LSS skin for life active ingredients. It uses nano technology that allows ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. LSS stands for Life Sustaining System. It works on the cellular lever. Boosts and maintains skin’s immunity. Four different treatments:

Anti- Aging: rejuvenates the skin for ultimate renewal by increasing circulation and aid in softening fine lines.

Brightening: instantly brightens the skin.

Acne: kills bacteria and aids in reducing inflammation found with acneic skin. Helps to control acne and hormonal breakouts. Designed to jump start a home care regime for maximum results.

Rosacea: aids in reducing redness and irritation during a treatment. Designed to jump start a home care regimen for maximum results.

This treatment also include cleansing, hydrating compresses, exfoliation, extractions, mask, massage of: face, neck, décolleté, hand, and arm.