Breath is the portal between the conscious and subconscious, a bridge between the physical and spiritual/energetic. In this one hour class, you will be harnessing the power of the breath to help you move energy, release blockages, and activate expanded states of consciousness. Join us and experience the healing, transformative and inspiring effects of Breathwork

What is Breathwork?

A powerful mind-body-spirit practice that builds prana (also known as lifeforce energy, energy, or qi) in the body through conscious, connected use of the breath. This accumulation of prana within the body is tremendously healing and transformative: breathwork opens the energy channels, creating optimal energy flow; awakens the inner healer, always offering the you the experience that is most healing and relevant in that moment; and activates the creative potential within, aligning us with our true nature as infinite, creative beings. 

Some common effects and experiences from Breathwork are: 

• Overwhelming feelings of love, peace, and/or gratitude.

• Release of mental, emotional and energetic blockages.

• Physical release and relaxation of areas of tension or constriction.

• Relief from anxiety, depression, fear, grief and/or anger.

• Access to repressed memories relevant to healing.

• Experience of higher states of consciousness.

• Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 


Check schedule for availability

$25/person, all ages welcome. Due to limited availability, must prepay to hold your spot.

Bring a yoga mat. [optional: blanket, crystals]