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A new form of meditation- Deep Meditation without effort-Enkidu

Three therapies in one. Brainwave entrainment, sound, and light. Brings meditation to a much deeper level, without you doing any work! Just turn it on and enjoy the benefits. Even coming once a month for Enkidu Meditation to balance your chakras, that is already a huge benefit. Watch our video "Close your eyes to open your mind" to learn what unbalanced chakras can do to your health and overall well-being. Enkidu light machine combines the latest technologies of Brainwave entrainment, Light therapy, and Sound Therapy, all in one device to introduce a new approach to brainwave entrainment. This device offers a wider range of applications than any other comparable device in the market. This device is designed based on latest research and studies on brainwave entrainment and light therapy, to help you explore the different level of consciousness and state of mind, open your pineal gland and go beyond limits in your meditation. The healing effect of this high-quality therapy can also help you improve your well being and enjoy a better sleep, mood and look.

Meditation reveals the possibilities to heal physical, emotional, energetical body and elevate the spirit.  Light therapy, sound therapy, and Brainwave entrainment are all fabulous meditative healing modalities with tremendous benefits for whole well being. It elevates meditation to a totally different level, a new form of deep meditation. This device offers a wider range of applications than any other comparable device in the market. 

Enkidu light machine is an audio-visual entrainment (AVE) device which is designed to take you into a deep meditative state of mind while feeding you with light energy. This device creates synchronized pulses of sound and light, in order to stimulate the brain to tune into the frequency of a given beat which results in a temporary shift in the state of your mind and level of your consciousness. 

Enkidu Light Machine comes with 36 sessions. Brainwave entrainment technologies, such as isochronic beats, binaural beats, and optimized square waves. The background music is composed of selected healing music pieces, mostly in solfeggio frequencies and 432 Hz music scale tuning, and high-quality ambient sounds. The synchronized sound and light signals are also synced with the tempo and the frequencies of the background music, to create a state of art in content and take the user to an unforgettable transcendental journeying. 

We highly recommend watching these educational videos that explain the benefits and importance of balancing your energy centers (chakras). Over active, under active, or closed energy centers can cause physical reactions in the body, personality changes, emotional instability, and others. Unexplainable pain, depression, obsessions, addictions and other traits are examples of such imbalanced energy centers. 



Enkidu is a high CRI light machine which is designed to emit full spectrum white light, close to the visible spectrum of sunlight. Unlike most of the light machines and light therapy devices in the market with using one type of LED (usually cool white), Enkidu is armed with six different types of LEDs to amplify the beneficial shades of color that are missing in white LEDs, while reducing the harmful shades of light like violet, and dark blue at 440nm.

With using Bright blue (470 nm), Cyan (490 nm), Red (625nm), deep red ( 660 nm ), Warm and Natural white LEDs, this device delivers full-spectrum white light, which is essential for having an optimum result, with no harm to the eyes.

Note: This device doesn’t emit any UV radiation in its light spectrum.


  • Do not use brainwave entertainment if you are prone to seizures and epilepsy (or if you’re pregnant, in case you are prone to seizures and unaware of it). Take extra caution if under 18 years of age, as the brain is still developing and is more sensitive.

  • Do not use brainwave entertainment if you have any brainwave hyperarousal or instability symptoms.

  • Do not use this device or any light therapy device at night time. Exposure to bright light at night time is harmful to your eyes and it can disrupt your sleeping pattern.

  • Do not use the device under influence of alcohol or any mind-altering drug.

  • Although Enkidu Light Machine and its applications contribute to wellness, they are not intended as a replacement for medical or psychological treatment.