NAME: Organic Deep Cleansing / Acne Facial

DURATION: 80 min

PRICE: $165

RECOMMENDED FOR: Acne prone skin (active or scars). Congested skin (active acne, black heads, and white heads). Someone who is looking for extreme cleaning/ extra extractions. Oily skin.

BENEFITS/ OUTCOMES: Clean healthy skin. Replenished skin. No down time. Blackheads be gone!. Fresh clean looking and feeling skin. Leave with cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated, oxygenated, revitalized, and radiant.

FREQUENCY RECOMMENDED: Depending on skin condition every 2, 4 or 6 week maintenance.

SERIES AVAILABLE: Series of 4 $590 Purchase Series Here

Every product, signature facial massage and high-end beauty equipment in this facial treatment were selected to deeply clean the pores, exfoliate aged skin cells and calm the inflammation. Regardless what is the cause for acne breakouts, the skin is suffering from inflammation. Very often skin care products for acne treatments are very drying and eventually leave skin dry, flaky, tight and cause more problems, congestion and more breakouts. Since we use only “Diana Ralys Skin Health” products that are made with organic, natural and wild-crafted ingredients, none of that would happen.

Our Organic acne Facial starts with skin evaluation. It follows by double cleanse with Blemish Cleanser. Blemish Cleanser is full of skin vitamins, antibacterial essential oils and activated charcoal for gentle skin detox. First cleanse is to wash off pollution, dust or make-up. Second cleanse is to cleanse the skin. Many people associate facials with steam. For some it may feel relaxing, it is actually not beneficial for the skin in the facial. It causes “hot shower effect”. Warms up the skin for a short time and when the steamer is off, skin get even dryer and tighter. That’s when extractions become so painful and facial masks work less effectively. To soften skin and open pores we use warm compresses with essential oil blend. Essential oils are non oily extracts from herbs and flowers. They provide antibacterial benefits and keep skin soft.

Exfoliation. Now that we have skin soft and aged skin cells lifted, is time to polish it off. We have several options for this step, and will be custom to each client depending on their skin needs.

Next step-extractions. Skin pores need to be clean to be able to absorb the beneficial ingredients of the products (masks, serums, toners). Of course it depends on the sensitivity of the person, but with our extractions are known to be quite painless.

Even if extractions were not your favorite step of the facial, now you will be pleased, because you will receive the most relaxing facial massage. This facial massage was created specifically for this Organic Acne Facial. It is a combination of Acupressure, to stimulate the circulation, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage, to flush toxins and decrease the inflammation. Signature Manuka Treatment Blend is used for the massage. Signature Blemish Treatment Blend contains the most beneficial ingredients to treat acne: Argan and Neem Oils, Rose Geranium and Manuka essential oils, supplemental quality Turmeric extract.

Mask time. There is no question we will use Volcanic Lava Clay Mask! This mask gained the most “wow”s, comments and compliments. Main ingredients, like Volcanic lava Clay and Wild Rose Powder, are shipped from Morocco. Other powerful ingredients: Calendula, Aloe Vera, Dandelion and Neem. Benefits range from balancing to antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and it smells just like wild rose.

The last step of Organic Acne Facial is LED Light Therapy. We use Blue LED for antibacterial benefit, Red LED for circulation and Infrared for ant-inflammatory benefit. Because Light therapy promotes the product penetration and circulation, we apply Oxygen Plasma and Vitamin C Serum with Turmeric onto the skin under the light.