NAME: Organic Deep Cleansing / Acne Facial

DURATION: 80 min

PRICE: $165 ($198 with Diana)

RECOMMENDED FOR: Acne prone skin (active or scars). Congested skin (active acne, black heads, and white heads). Someone who is looking for extreme cleaning/ extra extractions. Oily skin.

BENEFITS/ OUTCOMES: Clean healthy skin. Replenished skin. No down time. Blackheads be gone!. Fresh clean looking and feeling skin. Leave with cleansed, exfoliated, hydrated, oxygenated, revitalized, and radiant.

FREQUENCY RECOMMENDED: Depending on skin condition once a week or every 2 / 4 weeks maintenance.

SERIES AVAILABLE: Series of 4 $590 Purchase Series Here 

In addition to cleansing, extra extractions time, exfoliation, facial massage and two masks, we use a unique technique to prepare the skin - lush microfiber towel compresses with proprietary solution. Hot steam is NOT beneficial for acne skin! It blasts hot steam unevenly, dries and tightens skin right after it's turned off. Our compress solution is infused with organic MSM, Magnesium and Orange Blossom extract, it can be called "skin food". Compresses, besides feeling heavenly and relaxing, prepare skin for deeper pore cleanse and makes extractions less painful.

Face is massaged with anti-bacterial Manuka Treatment oil, that we leave on the skin under the mask for maximum penetration.

Regardless what is the cause for acne breakouts, the skin is suffering from inflammation. Very often skin care products for acne treatments are very drying and eventually leave skin dry, flaky, tight and cause more problems, congestion and more breakouts. We use only “Diana Ralys Skin Health” products that are made with organic, natural and wildcrafted ingredients, and are never meant to dry any skin, especially acne prone skin .

The last step of Organic Deep Pore Cleanse Acne Facial is LED Light Therapy. We use Blue LED for antibacterial benefit, Red LED for circulation and Infrared for anti-inflammatory benefit. Light therapy promotes product penetration and circulation, therefore, for best results we apply Oxygen Plasma and Vitamin C Serum with Turmeric onto the skin under the light.

Products for this facial are fully custom. 

Did you know that tap water contains over 300 chemicals? That is why we only use filtered drinking water in all our facials.