Crystals with Jenelle

In this class we will go over the many facets and uses of our friends from the mineral kingdom. Jenelle will help you discover the the many benefits of working with and using crystals for every day use, meditation, protection, healing and more! We will go over crystal care, uses and benefits, attuning crystals to chakras, crystal pairings and how to use crystals in the home. There are so many reasons to work with crystals today for your highest benefit and that of others! Let’s explore this beautiful way of healing with these little gems from the earth that came to serve us and help us to grow and expand our consciousness and our energy into greater energetic healing and light! Bring a notebook and pen and any crystals and questions you may have to class. We will also start with a mini meditation to warm up to everything and relax from the day! 


Jenelle is an empath, Intuitive and clairvoyant, clairaudient. She developed her gifts as an Akashic Records practitioner in 2015 and is a crystal intuitive and spiritual teacher. Jenelle has a very strong connection to the angelic realm, and Ascended Masters. She discovered this very early on in her opening up to her gifts that she was being helped and guided by beautiful beings of light that are helping her.  She works with the higher realms to help her clients see they’re highest soul potential with love, light and compassion. She loves assisting those to grow, expand and develop there own psychic, intuitive abilities and to know they are not alone and loved. Her knowledge is expansive, and she loves teaching and sharing these beautiful gifts with her clients. The Akashic Records are a wonderful tool to access higher guidance that we can use in our everyday life. In the Akashic Records Jenelle can connect you to your masters, teachers and loved ones loving help and guidance. Highly intuitive and connected, Jenelle has many gifts to share on this planet and is continuing her work and her expansion to help others heal and open up to their own gifts and consciousness with love, joy and creativity.