Crystalline Harmonics is a new ascension level healing modality that can assist you in transformational shifts in consciousness.

Everything in this world vibrates at various frequencies of light and in order to be a match to our dreams, we must radiate at the frequency of the dream. In order to do this, we first must clear any blocks, templates, or belief systems that hold us back and then align with our soul’s purpose and the excitement of our unique path.

At the beginning of your holistic therapy session, you will have some time to talk to Kimber. With a sensitive and compassionate heart, she will listen to whatever you are transitioning through and assist you with the wisdom she has gained from her own journey and years of study in the healing arts.

Once the hands-on energy work begins, Kimber goes into a semi-meditative state as she channels your guides, the Angels, Ascended Masters, and the light brings that surround you and makes a connection to your energy fields.

She opens up the meridians and nadis, allowing energy to flow, as she removes blocks and traumas (from this lifetime or other timelines) that are held in the energy field and replaces it with light and your signature soul sound.

She also aligns the Christ Consciousness/I Am Presence Crystalline Grid systems around your body and, with the help of your higher self, activates the higher dimensional aspects of yourself and your crystalline DNA, opening up new portals of awareness.

During your session, she will guide you in pranayama breath work to bring you into your body and the present moment and deep relaxation. After the energetic upgrades and clearing, she will guide you on a meditative journey to assist in the integration of what it is you are working on during your appointment.

At the end of your session, she uses sound healing to set the energy into your vibrational field and tune into the frequency of love and source energy.

Every session is different and a commitment to your healing is what brings the lasting transformation. We highly recommend doing at least 4 session, for a lasting shift.


Booking a session with Kimber can assist in:

Inner child healing

Higher self integration

Past lives


Soulmate relationships

Twin Flame Union

Family dynamics

Chakra balancing and activating the 12 chakra pillar of light Activations

And more…

“Kimber has changed my life! I feel more connected to myself than ever before. I highly recommend a session with Kimber. She makes you feel very safe and cared for. She provides a peaceful setting and calming experience. Her guidance helps you discover more fully who you are each and every session. She peels away the layers to your true self. Thank you Kimber!!!!!!” Daphne D.

Kimber is co-founder of Crystalline Harmonics, a certified Meridian Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, and a heart-centered spiritual mentor. She is founder of Divine Alchemy Academy and trains new practitioners in Crystalline Harmonics. She has studied acupressure with international acupuncturist Tao Tan, is trained in aromatherapy, meditation, and continues to study complementary healing arts and techniques. She is also a yoga teacher in the Bhakti tradition of love and devotion. Her first career and passion was in music, working for Universal Music in the 90’s, and feels music and sound are significant keys to healing.