NAME: Bio-Stimulation + LED Therapy

DURATION: 80 min

PRICE: $215 ($258 with Diana)

RECOMMENDED FOR: To prevent/ delay skin aging and sagging skin. Helps to smooth and lift skin. Perfect treatment before special events like birthdays/weddings/dates/performances. Perfect for those who cannot get MicroCurrent.

This will be a good treatment to for those of you who love the results of MicroCurrent, but maybe don't like the sensation, or even physically cannot get MicroCurrent because you are currently pregnant or have a heart condition. This is a totally safe, no side effects, just pure lifting and firming results.


BENEFITS/OUTCOMES: Diminishes appearance of fine lines, wrinkles & expression lines. Very similar to the MicroCurrent series, except done all manually with Rose Quartz Crystals.

FREQUENCY RECOMMENDED: For best results 60min Treatment is recommended 2x a week for 8 weeks. Depending on desired results every 2 weeks or 4 weeks after that. SERIES AVAILABLE: Purchase here

Bio-stimulation massage can be added to any facial or done separately. 

Bio-stimulation massage is a unique treatment created by Diana. Rose Quartz Crystals are used to stimulate the neck and face tissues. At the same time, it has a balancing and revitalizing effect by amplifying the body's natural bio-electrical network. 

Crystal wand is rejuvenating and clearing. The friction between skin and crystal is beneficial. It increases circulation in the tissues. 

The benefits are visible after each session. Skin looks brighter, firmer and lifted. Treatment is intense, but pleasant, there is absolutely no pain or discomfort. 

With this treatment LED Therapy and our High Performance Serums are added for optimal results.

We are all aware that body muscles can get tight, tense and eventually get painful. What do we do to release the tension? We get a massage. Face muscles are no exception. Daily activities such as focusing while working on a project, watching TV, stressing while driving, making facial expressions, all these activities tense facial tissue. The only way to release this tension is to stimulate the muscle.

Massaging face with BioStimulation Rose Quartz beauty crystal(s) can smooth out fine lines, wrinkles, help with swelling, under eye puffiness and reduce other signs of aging. You’ll be rejuvenating skin with energy of the rose quartz acting as a natural Bio-energy-face-lift. Massage with crystals relaxes the muscles, help to untangle the fibers in the connective tissue.