Akashic Records Reading

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The Akashic Records are the subtle imprint of everything that has ever happened, is happening, or could happen. Your personal Akashic Records are like the archive of your soul and its journey. Connect with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones to channel energy, words and information that is relevant to your healing, expansion and spiritual growth. In an Akashic Record reading, you are seen through the eyes of the Akashic Records and offered this healing and empowering perspective of yourself and your life. 

Akashic Record readings are guided by your questions. 'Why', 'what' and 'how' questions yield the most information. 'Should' and 'yes/no' questions will be rephrased for the Records. The Akashic Records are a powerful tool for: finding clarity and understanding; strengthening your connection to your intuition, higher self, and the truth of your being; releasing worry, fear, and beliefs of limitation; increasing your capacity for love, joy, peace and connection; accelerating your personal development and spiritual growth; realizing your creative power and potential; and much more. 

The Akashic Records can be read by Shannon and Daniela. You may book through the link above.



Daniela also offers a 90 minute comprehensive Akashic Record & Breathwork offering

In this comprehensive 90 minute Sacred Healing Arts session with Daniela, you’ll receive three powerful healing modalities: Akashic Record Reading & Healing, Breathwork, and Reiki. 

The session begins with an Akashic Record Reading and healing where Daniela will connect with your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones and share their loving and empowering guidance, wisdom and energy in response to any questions or intentions you may have. The reading will help you connect with greater clarity and find greater alignment with your soul, and begin to move discordant, disempowering and stagnant energies while bringing you into a state of expanded awareness. 

Then we will dive into Breathwork, a powerful mind-body-spirit practice that builds prana (also known as lifeforce energy, energy, or qi) in the body through conscious, connected use of the breath. This accumulation of prana within the body is tremendously healing and transformative: breathwork opens the energy channels, creating optimal energy flow; awakens the inner healer, always offering the you the experience that is most healing and relevant in that moment; and activates the creative potential within, aligning us with our true nature as infinite, creative beings. 

Some common effects and experiences from Breathwork are: 

• Overwhelming feelings of love, peace, and/or gratitude.

• Release of mental, emotional and energetic blockages.

• Physical release and relaxation of areas of tension or constriction.

• Relief from anxiety, depression, fear, grief and/or anger.

• Access to repressed memories relevant to healing.

• Experience of higher states of consciousness.

• Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 

In this Breathwork practice, you’ll be working with the three part breath: double inhalation followed by a relaxed exhalation, with periods of breath retention and savasana. You’ll be held in a safe, sacred and loving space that will support you in going deep, while Daniela offers Reiki and energy healing with the help of the Akashic Records and your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones. This session is powerful and transformative: please arrive prepared with an intention for your session and questions to ask in the records. 

Wear comfortable clothing that is loose around the waist and allows you to breathe fully and deeply. It's best to practice breathwork on an empty stomach; a light meal beforehand is fine.