About Us

Family owned and operated skin wellness center, centrally located in the heart of Santa Monica CA. Just 4 blocks away from the beautiful Pacific Coast, and 1 block away from the iconic Third Street Promenade. You may have heard of us before, we were located in a medical building mid Wilshire for over 6 years. Our new location on 1207 4th st opened its doors March of 2016. This is when we were able to move away from by appointment only to a full retail store in the front, awesome treatments in the back. Although we still specialize in custom, organic, high end facials, we have added other whole body modalities to complete your skin health experience. 

Our specialty; Facials

If you have taken a look at our facial menu, you can see we take great pride in every treatment we offer. If you are looking for a classic facial or a skin renewal treatment, we have you covered. We distinguish between facials and treatments for a reason; many have grown to know what facials consist of, therefore we offer classic facials that include steps that everyone enjoys, cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, mask, massage, and finishing products, relaxing treatments that leave your skin refreshed. Then we have our treatments, which not everyone is accustomed to. At the spa we have the latest and greatest in beauty technology. LED Therapy, Oxygen Infusion, MicroDermabrasion, MicroCurrent, Ultrasonic, and more. These treatments although may sound intimidating are natural and non-invasive. Beautiful results are achieved with natural products and these high tech beauty machines. Lastly we have treatments that have never been seen before; HydroRenewal +  Jet Infusions. These treatments are performed with a machine that was created by Diana herself in Hong Kong. With these treatment we are able to accomplish, some might say even the impossible. One machine, endless possibilities. We have seen great results with anti-aging, acne (even the most stubborn), scaring, chronic dryness and more. Vortex circulation and suction allow the ultimate product penetration and grime extraction and jet infusion of AHAs and stem cells for optimal product infusion to promote healing. Side note: we use purified, oxygenated, mineral infused water for our facials, combined with Diana's proprietary blend of essential oils and magnesium for every skin type; we believe this combination gives the facial and extra boost of healing properties.

Whole Body Wellness

In addition to our passion for skin health, we knew we needed to add more services that promote whole body wellness. Massage was the first service added. You may have noticed that we don't have an endless list of massage techniques in our menu, this is because we believe that everyone needs a custom massage. Our massage therapist is skilled and trained in many modalities and utilizes her talents to give your body what it needs. Although not many know what this service is, everyone can most definitely reap the benefits of it; Reiki. An energy healing technique that has been around for centuries and hales from Japan. promotes relaxation like never felt before, aids in insomnia, emotional pain, releases blocked every and much much more. Infrared Body Treatments; many have heard and experienced this type of healing technology, but not like this. Our full spectrum [near, mid and far infrared] booths are also equipped with ChomoTherapy and Acoustic Resonance Therapy. Warmth, color light, and sound surround your body for help with detoxing the body, pain relief, and even weight loss to name a few.

Organic Skin Care Line

Diana's passion for skin care started in her teen years, as most teenagers she suffered from problematic skin and even more so she had extremely sensitive skin, also known as Rosacea. Based on the products that were on the market both in Europe [where she is from] and the US [where she was trained] she felt like her skin was doomed, products were either too "bland" and didn't work or too harsh with harmful chemicals as their active ingredients. Starting off she only used her product concoctions in her treatment room, until she heard from numerous clients that they needed this at home. Here the story begins when Diana started researching ingredients from all over the world and over time eras. Diana was interested in ingredients that were used in ancient Egypt, Ayurvedic medicine, herbal complexes she grew up with, and of course what is the latest and greatest in beauty technology today. The product line grew product by product, combining all of the above to have a skin care line where nature truly meets science. You will find Argan Oil, Algae, Aloe, or Witch Hazel as the base for almost every product; peptides, stem cells and oxygen plasma that do wonders; natural ingredients from Ayurvedic tradition like Turmeric and Ashwagandha and so much more. Botanical ingredients combined with the latest beauty technology is the end product of these luxurious skin care products.  Products smell like a garden but work like magic. Did you ever wonder why most natural skin care products don't work? The answer is simple, most of them were made by companies or individuals that never professionally study skin or ever worked as skin therapists. Diana is licensed esthetician and has been treating clients for over 13 years. Her product line is always being re-eavaluated and adjusted to deliver the best results possible. 


Diana Ralys Skin Health takes great pride in how our business is run when it comes to sustainability. On location: all sheets and towels used in treatment rooms are microfiber. Microfiber has shown to cut laundry time in half, does not grow bacteria [making it easier to keep these towels longer than others], they are super absorbent which leads to them taking in less water and the benefits go on. In our bathrooms you will find hand towels instead of paper towels, allowing us to wash and reuse! Drinking water is served in glasses. We do not print receipts, email is how we communicate with our clients. Skin Care Line: both inside and outside of our product line was made with our home, Earth in mind. Packaged in glass, the most recyclable and reusable source. Plastic bottles take up to 1000 years to disintegrate. Earth is already over polluted with plastic. Also, plastic is porous and reacts with active ingredients like, essential oils, enzymes, acids, so products packaged in plastic as not as natural as they are claimed to be. We know that even drinking water is not safe to be packaged and stored in plastic. 

Ingredients have been carefully picked so that it is not only safe for everyone to use on their skin, but it is also safe when it is washed off and goes down the drain. 

Giving Back

Cancer has hit all of us, whether we like it or not [what is there to like] directly or indirectly. Our story begins with Diana's sister in law, Birute, being diagnosed with breast cancer over back in 2010. Birute was a great inspiration for most of Diana's skin care line and she help her skin condition in mind, Diana wanted even the most sensitive skin to be able to use her products. Diana became a certified Oncology Esthetician to get a better understanding of what happens to the body when someone is undergoing cancer, and it's treatments. More and more people around Diana, even her clients confided in her that they too have been hit with the big "C" diagnosis. August 2016, our beautiful project was born! A portion of our monthly revenue is calculated and saved into an account that we use to treat those diagnosed with cancer. If they are local, we treat them with our services, like facials, reiki, massage and/or infrared. If they are not local, we treat them with our natural skin care line. The number of free clients we have treated is growing by the day and we couldn't be happier. While dealing with such a life threatening condition, taking the time to take care of themselves at the spa may not seem like a priority.  However, we're heard time and time again that especially during hard times, like this, individuals feel rejuvenated, calm and optimistic. With the help of our paying clients [who indirectly contribute though DRSH revenue], the more treatments are booked and products are sold, the more we will be able to give back! Spa services are around every corner, why not choose one that gives back to those who need it most.