Health is beauty. Stress, toxins, tight muscles or pain effect not just how we feel, but how we look too.  In addition to facials now we also offer other healing modalities to help you look and feel your best. Regardless of massage type you choose you will receive a pleasant and beneficial treatment. We do not believe in attacking the tense tissue/muscle rather slowly and comfortable sinking into problem areas delicately but deeply to relieve the pressure. We have to kind to our body, harsh/sudden movements and/or digging and ripping into problem areas may leave you more in pain than before. This can cause damage now and for the future. We understand that slow, deep and thought out movements will relieve the tension best.

Massage Oil used in treatments:

Oil used in our treatments is the same oil that is for sale: Body Nutrients Oil [three scents: Neroli and Rose, Cypress and Citrus, and Pine and Eucalyptus]. Our oil is based in organic cold pressed sesame oil. Known to be used in India and Ayurvedic for generations as a therapeutic oil. Named the “queen of oils” as it is high in vitamin E, moisturizing but also has healing therapeutic qualities. We have also added food grade quality Turmeric and Ashwagandha extracts. Both hold powerful Ayurvedic healing benefits like anti-inflammation. Most know that ingesting Turmeric is quite healthy for you as it is the most anti-inflammatory food out there. This does not change if it is applied topically, our skin absorbs everything that is applied. Achy muscles, skin irritations [psoriasis and eczema], dry skin etc can be helped by our oils. Read more about our body oils/purchase: Body Oils

Quick biography of our Massage Therapist:

Sawang | Sawang hails from Thailand, where Thai massage has been practiced for 2500 years. Thai massage is considered one of the four branches of traditional Thai medicine. Sawang began her training in Bangkok’s Wat Po Thai Massage School, the oldest university in Thailand. ‘Wat’ in Thai means ‘temple’ and the massage techniques she learned at Wat Po are designed to elevate the mind and body into the spiritual realm. Sawang continued her training at the Shiatsu Massage School of California and is versed in a wide range of massage techniques including traditional Thai Massage, Swedish, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue, Reflex Energy, Sports and Aroma Therapy. Sawang has over 15 years of experience with massage therapy. During her off hours Sawang enjoys hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, yoga and expanding her knowledge of homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is a way of life for many Thais, and natural plant and herb based remedies are used to cure many common aliments. While it is known ginger root cures an unsettled stomach, Sawang may suggest chewing mint leaves for an irritated throat. Sawang’s joy of homeopathy began with her mother. Sawang’s mother, at 86, is spry, of sharp mind and never had a major medical problem. She is living proof of the healing power of massage combined with homeopathy.