Skin Detox Set


Skin Detox Set

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Help your skin detox! Charcoal Cleanser starts the process of decongesting your skin. Non-drying cleanser gentle enough for everyone to use. Charcoal Microfoliant really gets your skin into detox mode. Fruit enzymes lift dead skin and microdermabrasion crystals remove it all. Leaving it on the skin for at least 5 min will allow the enzymes and charcoal to really do their magic. Blue-Green Algae Mask neutralizes and alkalines the skin. Sprilina and Chlorella feeds your skin with phytonutrients to assist in normal cell growth and repair.

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Charcoal Cleanser: Aloe Vera Juice*, Saponified Coconut*, Leucidal, Activated Charcoal, Quinoa Protein, Guar Gum, Essential Oil Blend: Eucalyptus*, Rosemary*, Manuka*, Lavender*, Grapefruit*, Litsea*. *Organic

Charcoal Microfoliant: Irish Moss Algae, Unique Blend of Pomegranate, Starfruit, Passionfruit, Kiwi, Mangosteen, Pineapple, Lychee, Indian Jujube and Guava Enzymes, Papaya Enzyme, Grapefruit Extract, Microderm Crystals, Activated Charcoal, Essential Oils of: Grapefruit*, Lemon*, Eucalyptus*, Rosemary, Manuka*, Leucidal*. *Organic

Blue-Green Algae Mask: Algae Extract*, Hyaluronic Acid, Spirulina*, Chlorella*, Leucidal*. Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, Ultramarine Blue, Organic Blue Green Algae Powder, MSM (Organic Sulfur).Essential Oils: Manuka*, Grapefruit*, Lemon*, Eucalyptus* and Rosemary*. *Organic

RECOMMENDED FOR: All who are struggling with congested, dull, oily skin.

HOW TO USE: Start with cleanser; Take about one pump of the product and gently massage onto the skin. A double cleanse is recommended when removing makeup. You may leave on the second cleanse on the skin for a few minutes to clarify and detoxify skin further. Use daily. Apply Charcoal Microfoliant; Take about half a teaspoon and massage onto clean skin. Leave on for up to 10 minutes, wet fingertips and scrub in an upward motion vigorously, then wash off with warm water. Use once or twice a week. Apply a semi-thick layer of Blue Green Algae Mask and leave on for 15-30min. With wet fingers roll off the mask in an upward motion, then wash off with warm water. Use once or twice a week.

Our ingredients are sourced worldwide, through varying seasons and made in small batches. Please note that this may reflect in product's consistency, scent, and color. This is to be expected when true natural ingredients are used without synthetic binders, harmful chemicals, and coloring.

Made in small batches to ensure quality. Hand poured and made with love. Infused with Reiki by Diana herself.