Mask Collector Set


Mask Collector Set

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We all know that somone who loves to mask! Or that may be you! This is how your get to try all we offer.

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Glowing Skin Treatment : This product has five main actions: exfoliation through microdermabrasion crystals, exfoliation through enzymes, detoxifying through activated charcoal, acts like a mask through Aloe Vera extract and a special blend of organic essential oils.

Papaya Pumpkin Mask : Give your skin everything is desires through high-potency fruit enzymes. A unique blend of enzymes dissolves impurities in your pores. Cinnamon Bark extract has natural lightening properties making this mask glowing skin in a jar.

Blue Green Aglae Mask : A nourishing antibacterial mask that is suited for dry acne prone skin. Rich in vitamins and minerals to keep skin healthy. "Skin Food" Spirulina and Chlorella extracts are high in phytonutrients to assist in normal cell growth and repair.

Hydra Detox Mask : Effective at counteracting the dryness that occurs in aging skin and increasing the moisture retention capacity of the skin, which allows dry skin to stay supple and elastic longer.

Volcanic Lava Mask : A powder mask you activate by mixing it with toner before application! Why have the benefits of clay react in the jar when they can do that on your skin? The powerful “swelling” clay and nourishing powders not only work to remove impurities from your skin, it also infuses with nourishing trace minerals. This mask is not just for acne prone skin, every skin type can use clarifying clay deep pore cleanse benefits.

Beet Algae Mask : Deeply nourishing mask works wonders on skin regeneration, toning, and is recommended for dry and mature skin. Improves circulation, provides healing properties for skin problems such as dermatitis, acne, eczema, dry skin, oily skin, and skin toning.