Natural Lash Extension

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Eyelash Extensions have become a popular way of enhancing one's natural beauty. With the eyes being the windows to the soul, what better way to frame them than some beautiful, natural looking lashes.

Alana only performs Classic (natural) look with 100% Vegan lashes and glue. The process involves isolating one individual eyelash at a time and applying a single extension to the lash. Alana will look at the client's natural lashes to assess, and talk with the client about what would be best for the desired look they want to achieve.

A wholistic approach to applying eyelash extensions is very important. It involves taking into account the state of the client's natural lashes. For example if the lashes are very fine, they will require a lighter weight extension. It's unfortunate that many technicians don't take this into account because if the natural lash is too fine to properly support the extension, it can be damaging. Extensions will not damage the lashes if the technician is meticulous about truly applying the extension to ONE lash, and uses the appropriate thickness and length. Alana will take into account the natural lashes length and then add about 20% length. There are different types of curls available, ranging from a very natural curl, to a more dramatic curl. Alana’s favorite way to do lashes is to use multiple lengths, and mix the types of curls which results in a very full, and natural look.

Classic Full Set 90min $200

Fill One Week $70

Fill Two Week $90

Fill Three Week $100

Lash Removal $35

Beyond three weeks, a new Full Set ir required. The reason for this is that after three weeks the lashes are grown out so much that the extension will start to put weight on the natural lash.

Full set can be booked online, fills need to be booked post your appointment or via calling/emailing



Enter the oasis that is your private room for your lash appointment. Alana will take of you one on one in a private setting with spa music and essential oil aromas surrounding you!


Meet Alana Sweetwater

Alana Sweetwater grew up in the mountains in Tucson, Arizona. Her family home had been converted into a wellness center. She grew up spending time with Native Americans, Shamans, Healers, and Alternative and Holistic Medicine practitioners of all kinds, and was exposed to a wealth of information and experiences that she would carry with her throughout her life. She developed a passion for Beauty, but not just physical, but rather from the inside out.