Conscious Manifestation with Nicholas Harris

July 23rd 9am $150 Space is limited! RESERVE NOW

Have you ever felt like life is a like a roller coaster, full of emotional ups and downs and things that just seem to happen which feel out of your control.  Are you ready to be the empowered creator of your reality?

Manifestation is a process that is happening all the time. Whether we are manifesting consciously or unconsciously, each of us is responsible for creating the conditions of our lives.

In this workshop, we will explore the dynamics of the process of creation, and help you learn tangible tools to take back creative power of your own life.

Bringing together knowledge from the Universal Laws (the Law of Attraction is just one!) and Self Hypnosis, you will gain the knowledge and the tools to consciously manifest the life you choose.

While it may often seem like a wild ride out of your control, your life is simply a reflection of your mind. Taking on this new perception and embodying it fully is a journey that will radically change your reality for the better. 

Questions we will explore in this workshop include:

  • What is your purpose?

  • Are there patterns or themes that dominate your life?

  • How can you break free of old patterns?

  • How may your healing be of assistance to the world around you?

  • How can you live a life in aligned with why you are here?

Nicholas Harris

Nicholas Harris is a Full Member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis and an 8th Generation Reiki Master / Teacher.  Over the last 16 years, he has helped thousands of clients with the art of personal change – becoming empowered in themselves, with the tools to create the lives they truly desire.

Nick has held private practice in The Netherlands, Ireland, India and Thailand.  He is currently the owner of The Chiang Mai Wellness Centre where he facilitates therapy and teaches personal development workshops.

Nick’s clients and students reflect that his skill, knowledge, and compassion has helped them to overcome major life blocks and open up new possibilities in their life, as they gain new insights into how to consciously create their reality.

Nick continues to work internationally, bringing his teachings and healings to communities around the globe.

Practical Healing

"Nick teaches you many creative tools for you to use on your own to deal with any physical, mental, spiritual struggles you encounter if and when they arise again - leaving you to feel very empowered and in control of your own life!" -- Anna Logan Napoli

"Nicholas is not only a gifted healer, but a magnificent teacher. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. His experience is vast-- which makes him an even more capable and just plain awesome teacher." -- Cdot Hill